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Ivan ⚡️🖤 (@me.bntz) Instagram Profile Photo

Ivan ⚡️🖤

Instituto de Estudos Jurídicos (@iesjur) Instagram Profile Photo

Instituto de Estudos Jurídicos

FRI-go - Lifestyle (@frigo.brand) Instagram Profile Photo

FRI-go - Lifestyle

Honolulu, Hawaii

So this is my ode to my father in law James Lorenzo Vincenzo Salicone.....I loved that man like my own father, I actually all him my Dad....he is one of them. Isn’t it amazing how when people come into your life you have no idea what richness they will bring? Always stay open to love folks it will change the world if we just let it. #people

Stelios Papakonstantinou (@stelios_papakonstantinou_blog) Instagram Profile Photo

Stelios Papakonstantinou

Coming to life, inspired by a great photographer Theodore Vourlis and his model in the picture, Valeria Karolidi #people

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