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ROZE ROHAYA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY (@rozerohaya_agency) Instagram Profile Photo


Psst...New Look!! We have been driven with entreprenurial ventures. Now we want to simplify our brand and clarify its message. Driving into our new tagline - Engaging People. . . We're the same people, same brand - now with new look. As we change, we change for you. We change so we can give you confidence to engage more services with us. We are now expanding our services to Human Resources and Manpower outsourcing services to help Company and/or Owner to run their business smoothly without getting too involve in their administrative and people management. . . Stay Tune with us for updates on our services! . #payrollservices

Ichiban Payroll Guru (@ichibanpayroll) Instagram Profile Photo

Ichiban Payroll Guru

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Streamline your employee leave management and customise leave policies with Ichiban Payroll Guru. Head to our Bio and Book a Demo today!

Grupo Consultor Empresarial ® ( Instagram Profile Photo

Grupo Consultor Empresarial ®

Washington, District of Columbia

When your business is global you should always think about the United States of America. . . . . . @gcecolombia @andonegociando @placetowork @gce_us #payrollservices @jonogah

La atención perfecta existe, así sucede todo el tiempo cuando se encarga del pago de propinas. . . . . . . #payrollservices

Sandra Joyner Enesi, CPA PLLC (@sandraenesicpa) Instagram Profile Photo

Sandra Joyner Enesi, CPA PLLC

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Another two weeks down, another payroll cycle completed. We know that repetitively doing this can be a burden, especially when you have fifteen-million other things that also need to be done right away. Have one less headache a month with Sandra Enesi, CPA* - || Link in bio. *These statements not evaluated by the FDA, but are 99.98% guaranteed by your trusted CPA • • • • • services

NorAm Financial Services (@noram_financial) Instagram Profile Photo

NorAm Financial Services

Toasting to 5 years! . . . #payrollservices

NorAm Financial Services (@noram_financial) Instagram Profile Photo

NorAm Financial Services

Having a blast hanging out for our 5 year anniversary. Come hang out with us! 🥳😁 . . . #payrollservices

Hamid Zarei (@hamidzareir) Instagram Profile Photo

Hamid Zarei

Tehran, Iran

در حسابداری ۳ واژه وجود دارد؛ : یعنی اموال و منابعی که تحت مالکیت یک واحد اقتصادی درآمده‌اند. واحد اقتصادی می‌تواند پول ، زمین ، ساختمان ، تجهیزات ، اسباب و اثاثیه و ... داشته باشد که جز دارایی‌های واحد اقتصادی بشمار می‌روند. : بیانگر طلبکاران است که تعهد واحد اقتصادی به ایشان را نشان می‌دهد. : بیانگر حقوق مالکان واحد اقتصادی است. در واقع اگر از کل اموال واحد اقتصادی بخشی را که واحد اقتصادی بابت آن‌ها مقروض است را جدا کنیم آنچه می‌ماند سرمایه است. به عبارت دیگر سرمایه همان خالص دارایی است. services

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