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🌹Jitka Ptáčková🌹

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Khila Khani

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Family Vloggers (Youtube)


(Part2/2) “I really envied other kids in uniforms. We couldn’t afford to go to private schools, so when I’d see my friends from other schools in uniforms, I would hide away in embarrassment and let them pass through. And after school, we’d all come together and play in our regular clothes. But that wasn’t too often too. As a kid, all I thought about was work and less about playing. I’d have to rush back home after school to work at the rice hotel or go to school without having slept the previous night. Since our hotel was near the NST bus station, people would knock at our door late at night or as early as ‪2 am‬ or ‪4 am‬ and we’d have to wake up to serve them. There were days we went to bed without food because we’d have to give up our food for the customers. We were only focused on how we could make more sales. It breaks my heart when I reminisce the days my mom and dad worked without sleeping. We were all cramped up in one small rented room. I grew up watching them sacrificing their share of food saying they weren’t hungry just so that we could eat what little was left. And I know it was out of worry that they insisted me on getting a government job at first because they don’t want me to go through the same difficulties they did. But I’ve always been interested in the line of business. With an already existing TV cable provider in Phek, I started my business in cables in 2002 to provide connections in areas which hadn’t been covered yet. The business has grown and gotten better now, but initially, I barely had any customers. When the due date would come to send money to the main companies, my mom would sell her pigs by saying that the pig’s leg seemed to be broken, or that the pig had some growth issues. We all knew it was because she wanted to help me pay the companies but she would always come up with one excuse or the other to sell the pigs she was rearing so earnestly. Everything we have today is because of them. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

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Doody Head Game 💩 we change up the game by making it a spelling bee competition who ever spelled the word correct got the chance to throw a doody on someone’s head. We couldn’t record a video we were laughing so much 😂 we pick it up on @amazon we will definitely get a video next time for you guys #parents

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Sterling & Rome

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Lil Kodi

Go check out the new tiktok @lil.kodi_ 🖤 • • • • • • @yungblud #parents

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