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Agent Partisan (@untamed_partisan) Instagram Profile Photo

Agent Partisan

When you pause the doco and make new friends 💙 #paintingresearch

Inner Botanicals (@innerbotanicals) Instagram Profile Photo

Inner Botanicals

A purple and bluegreen sibling for the very active red fren for @babywoodruff done with love at @newlanguage_ 🥰 🙌✨✨✨🥰🌱🥰 I’m back in Berlin and books are relatively open for special ocasions 🌸DM to book 💞 and follow on @aevtarperform for ideas and filters 🌱 . . #paintingresearch

Claire Milner De Acutis (@clairemilnerart) Instagram Profile Photo

Claire Milner De Acutis

I read this book many years ago and have decided to re-read, as it seems we are currently in a world of Black Swans. I am using it as research for a new work. The book is all about Black Swans: the random events that underlie our lives, from bestsellers to world disasters. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, their impact is huge; they're impossible to predict; yet after they happen we always try to rationalize them.



London, United Kingdom

LONDON ❤️ I have a few spots to hold @innerbotanicals tattoo sessions and bring your lil fren up to the skin on 18th/19th of AUGUST at @newlanguage_ 🌸 here are some of the most recent encounters we’ve had and they fill me happiness for the time together and the beautiful lil frens that have come up in the process 🌱 DM if you’d like to come get a lil fren and feel free to share 💞 and follow on @innerbotanicals for the archive 🌱 . . #paintingresearch

Riad Miah (@riad_miah) Instagram Profile Photo

Riad Miah

This could be a study for one of my paintings but it's not. Could you identify what it is? * * #paintingresearch

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