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Digital Marketing Minds (@digitalmarketingminds) Instagram Profile Photo

Digital Marketing Minds

Rhode Island

Atention East Greenwich!!! Frank & John's from Italy Every Monday Tuesday & Wednesday they are giving away 1 free piazza when you BUY 2 Large 1 topping Pizza!!!!😱🙌Wow❗ . . . 🤳Now that a deal!! 👉Dine in or Take out . . . 👉186 Main St East Greenwich ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ Are you a restaurant owner in the RI or Massachusetts area looking for fresh new Marketing deals to offer your customers to spike your sales? Don't have a clue how to manage your Social Media? Want to start getting 5 star reviews? We got you covered New England!!! We have 5 years experience successfully helping restaurants get the exposure online that they need to be competitive in today's very competitive market. . . DM us now to book your next free consultation. We will go to your restaurant and actually meet you I person because we believe in building a relationship with all our clients. We value face to face business.

Gabriel Medina (@realgabrielmedina) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabriel Medina

Miami, Florida

Effective marketing requires planning. Knowing your goals, target demographic, and offer can help you to create compelling ads. When it comes to creating an effective marketing plan, you should start by asking two questions: 1. Where to Play? This questions represents the medium you will use to advertise. Will you use social media, billboards, television, or something else? Knowing where you plan on advertising can make your approach more relevant and effective. 2. How to Win Effective advertising starts by knowing your goals. How will you determine if your marketing campaign was successful or a flop? Establishing your metrics from the beginning enables you to measure the results from your campaigns. This is key to improving over the long term. Starting your advertising campaigns by asking these two questions can help to make your marketing more relevant, effective, and impactful. How do you like to start your marketing campaigns?

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casillero | bodegaje

Bogotá D.C.

Cuida la pasarela de pagos... Cerciorate de que todos los pasos durante el proceso de pago esten claros, no generen dudas y no sean sospechosos. Al momento de hacer el pago recuerda los pasos anteriores que te daran total tranquilidad al momento de comprar online. advertising

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Social Media Marketplace

Silicon Valley

What is your favorite Juice? . . Juices are healthy. But our 'Juice' is different. Our juice is not fluid.. but has a lot vitamines! Vitamin FB Vitamin YT Vitamin IG Vitamin TW . Check out all our Vitamines! . . Visit or click the link in bio - get the juice! . . Special thanks for following us to @citaflamenca @speakeasydalston @luanarollemberg @bryceington @bethapd636 . . . #onlineadvertising

Mario👨‍💻The Keto Entrepreneur (@mariomar2c) Instagram Profile Photo

Mario👨‍💻The Keto Entrepreneur

Papouli's Greek Grill

“Being Keto” doesn’t have to be hard. . In fact, I am eating some of the most flavorful and delicious food I have ever eaten in my entire life now that I am following a keto lifestyle. . The best part is that I feel great and I never have that feeling of regret after a meal. . What is your favorite “keto friendly” restaurant? . . #onlineadvertising

M📜📜D | Avoid hiding behind your last accomplishments.

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