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Nicole Bondzie

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New York, New York

SUPPORT 💪🏾🥊🥊. @hughesin Help my boy @v3n3no13 get to the 2020 Olympics. Link is in his bio 🥊 #olympics

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Emily Rena Elliott

Caleb has been attending gymnastics for 4 weeks now (this is from his very first class). While I don't know if he's learning anything, I do think he enjoys going. Plus it's nice for him to be around other children his age (and other adults that are giving instructions). Half of the class involves me trying to keep him focused on the task at hand (unsuccessfully) but oh well. He may not like everything there, but he is willing to try anything - including turning upside down on the bars. He loves that. Our instructor even calls him her little monkey but of how much he enjoys spinning and flipping. That's one thing I can say for sure about Caleb - he loves anything he can climb, spin in, or jump off of. Every parent wants what is best for their child. I keep Caleb involved because I want him to enjoy life. I always pray that he has a long and happy life full of love. But sometimes the thought sneaks into my head (especially with the Olympics next year). Will he have something he truly excels at? Will one of these activities become his 'thing'? What if? What if, decades from now, he becomes an olympic champion or wins Wimbledon or the World Cup? Wouldnt that be trippy? Would I even want that for him? That pressure to succeed, to be perfect? . . . #olympics

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Tuscan 2nd demo tape "Evolution" dropping tonite. My new song "Air Jordan Retro 13 Black Cat" #olympics

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Fandom Elimination Games

Simona Amanar, Shawn Johnson, and Ecaterina Szabo were tied with two votes each, so they are all out! Comment who you want eliminated next/which of these gymnasts is your least favorite. From left to right the options are Shannon Miller, Nastia Liukin, Dominique Dawes, Daniela Silivas, Gina Gogean, Larisa Latynina, Tatiana Gutsu, Mo Huilan, Aliya Mustafina, Lavinia Milosovici, Polina Astakhova, and Katelyn Ohashi. . . Requested by @dragonscalesandponytails #Olympics

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The Art Dept.

Come get me bitch.

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vinwear วินแว เสื้อมือสอง

Olympics Vtg90’🇺🇸 Size XL 22.5*30.5 ตะเข็บเดี่ยวบนล่าง ไม่มีข้าง สภาพ 9/10 ผ้า100 ขาวกัดเทา คอแขนสองชั้น สวยๆ ไม่ขาด ไม่รู ราคา 150 บาท #olympics ค่าส่ง 30 / ส่งด่วน 50📦2 ตัวส่งฟรี 📦 ถูกใจแถมเพิ่ม 😁 ___________________________ IG vinwear_shop FB vinwear เสื้อมือสอง Line augritlao 💯

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