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Kayla Rexford (@rexfordkayla) Instagram Profile Photo

Kayla Rexford

Happy eighth birthday to handsome little Maddex from your dad and me! Lots of goodies are here waiting for you. Your dad loves you so much no matter what. He’s refraining from social media because it brings tears to his eyes seeing all the pictures and not being able to hold you and tell you that you’re the world to him. #notyourchoicetomake

Annalou XOXOX (@annaloux) Instagram Profile Photo

Annalou XOXOX

I know I already posted this painting. I made it for myself for my and a way to think about the healing of my and I felt the need to repost this painting because now our society is making me feel an extra kind of way. I’m so upset, I thought we could have been better than this. I thought I was not a particularly political person, but I think living in Illinois I was less aware of politics and agreeing with a lot of the political legislations (generally). Now that I’m in Georgia, I know what it’s like to feel like the government is genuinely more concerned with their ideological hypocrisy than the health and safety of the people they govern. #notyourchoicetomake

Accurate summary.... #notyourchoicetomake

JesusIsOnlyWay (@sharing.truth3) Instagram Profile Photo


It's a murder not a privilege! A MURDER! Yes a woman has a choice to abort,that doesn't make it morally right! Baby develops in the womans body but baby isn't her body,it's an individual being! DESTROYING A FETUS IS DESTROYING A LIFE! ABORTING A BABY IS A MURDER! ⚠⚠⚠⚠-M-U-R-D-E-R-⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠ ▪Yes abortion is a murder!▪ ▪ Prime function of sex is to create a baby! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN DON'T HAVE SEX! (Since yall don't know of contraception in 21st century smh) ▪ ▪ ▪ God says you shall not spill an innocent blood! God says "thou shall not kill"! Murdering is a sin! Don't be proud of a murder! If you had an abortion you're still a mother,a mother of a dead child you KILLED! ▪ ▪ ▪ Follow @stolen_voice for more daily info about why abortion is bad,if you're pro choice you might change your mind! ▪ ▪ Protect your children and love them,they're future. Teach them what's morally right and what's wrong! ▪ ▪ #notyourchoicetomake

Friðrik Valur Hákonarson (@fridrikhakonarson) Instagram Profile Photo

Friðrik Valur Hákonarson

You forced me to do this. Awful timing, since I felt positive I, would achieve this my way, and was starting to believe, I would eventually be ready to make that, choice by myself. No matter how well I'll do, I wish you nothing good. And I will never forgive you. Whether you reflect on that or not, says more about you than me.


Keely Herbert (@kiwiiann) Instagram Profile Photo

Keely Herbert

Repost from @memememelinda 👌🏻 This made me LOL 😂 Just a few years ago cow milk was a typical part of my life. However, the longer I'm vegan and the more research I do/come across, the more I despise dairy. We are the only species that drinks another species milk that's meant for their babies. It would be more normal for us to use human breast milk in our daily lives. We are not baby cows, therefore we don't need what they need to grow and be healthy. Our society's obsession with milk comes from decades of marketing and brainwashing. You are not lactose intolerant, you just aren't a baby cow! Keep in mind your choice to consume a beverage that is unhealthy and even deadly for you also has devastating impacts on the cows it comes from 🐮💕 - - - #notyourchoicetomake

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