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Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

I have been feeling so sick every time I'm on my period, I need to go amd see a doctor to see what is going on 🤢 - - - - - #nonbinary

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nothing but dancing

Today we covered an emotionally difficult subject for all business owners: employee turnover. As important as it is to do the hard internal work of recentering in these types of moments, it's equally important to remember that you too are a human in all of this and that you most likely deserve some soothing tenderness as you recover. So let's go ahead and do that.⠀ *what are some things about your brand+business that make you feel good?⠀ *what are some ways in which you are living your dream?⠀ *what steps are you taking to build towards reaching your dream state across all areas of your business? // @kowtowclothing

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I'm living my BEST mf life right now, y'all // my advice?? do whatever the frick makes you happy - no matter what, every single day // I swear to you, when you start vibrating at the frequency that matches your soul - what seems impossible becomes so incredibly POSSIBLE // keep on keepin' on, my friends // much love🤘🏻 💙⚡🥰 • • • • • #nonbinary

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