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Zakhar Day

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ᗩ 𝕟 𝕤 𝕤 ♡

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Gustavo da Cruz Santos

SMOKESTRONG (@sm0kestr0ng) Instagram Profile Photo


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Virgili Francesco

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Héctor 🐺

👩🏽‍🔬 #nikebyyou

1日ごとの限定在庫商品 についてNIKEカスタマーサービスに問い合わせた所、 "情報が無い"ので分からない。とのこと。 byyou

Nike drops a new shoe designed a Fil-Am artist and rapper Saweetie shows some love on social media to a group of tinikling dancers. There's bunches to share in today's roundup of news from TAYO! @nike @leslierosales @rich_tu @ACLU #nikebyyou @@mambasportsacademy @jordanclarksons @kobebryant @megatjp @saweetie @kelelyse

8/20深夜、 友人と飲み会後にゲリラでnike by you×levisがあり 2時過ぎに妻を起こし2人でカスタムを、😏🎨    パーツによっては表示されないものもあったり 時間が経つにつれて読み込みが遅くなったりと 危なかったですが、なんとかオーダーできました🤩👟    翌日の仕事は安定に寝不足でしたが、 買えなかった、普通に寝てただったら 後悔で寝不足以上に悪い体調だったなと考えると、余裕でしたね🙌😌     byyou               

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Ci Zacchaeus

came back to my city in MY sneaker. God is good. NIKE PREVAIL AIRMAX 270 REACTS OUT NOW Limited Time ! Link in bio #nikebyyou

・ ・ 昨日も📮postで書きましたがAM90の編集に時間が掛かり過ぎました💦 なので、AF1はナイキデザインチーム推奨のモノをすぐにカートIN☺️ 無事両方GOT'EM👍 ・ リーク画像見たらエアマックス90も赤タブ付いてる~😆✨ ・ AIR FORCE 1 × Levi's ・ byyou # Levisjordan

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Fernanda A Schmidt

Every year, millions of people from all across the world are looking to grow, escape conflict and expand outside their place of origin. Most importantly they are willing to exchange knowledge, expertise and experiences with people from different cultures. These are sensitive times for these citizens of the world, but history and reality have proven how destructive uniformity can be to society and that everyone deserves an opportunity. Shutting people out because they are different is a sign of weakness–diversity and inclusion make civilizations stronger. Think about what the US would be without immigrants like Sergey Brin, who through Google has created jobs and wealth for so many Americans; Levi Strauss whose jeans you’re likely wearing now; Steve Chen and Jawed Karim whose YouTube platform has spawned countless American celebrities; Oscar De La Renta who dressed everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Hillary Clinton; or the countless unknown immigrants who help to sustain and uphold this country. We are all citizens of one world–together we fly!!! @nikenyc @wearecultivator #Nikebyyou 🎥 @tree.ny

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