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Shawna Maddox (@shawnamaddox) Instagram Profile Photo

Shawna Maddox

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. 💜 #nevertolate

Mayra (@_myyyrag) Instagram Profile Photo


It’s Sunday been feeling good about all my hard work 😓. I been going through pictures from the beginning of the year makes me so sad to see how bad I let myself go. 😭😭#nevertolate

Betty Maud (@maud.betty) Instagram Profile Photo

Betty Maud

Omg made a deadly smoothie ...lemons, cucumbers, mint leaves, ginger and water trying to work on healthier was the ginger that didn’t go well with me ...guess I got to try another recipe #nevertolate

If you have to pick yourself up a 100 times, it’s better then never getting up at all! #nevertolate

Wilfredo Lopez aka Fro (@fro300brolic) Instagram Profile Photo

Wilfredo Lopez aka Fro

Work on yourself take massive action create good habits stay consistent #nevertolate

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