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Lance Deal American Record 82.50 & flipped for right-handers. #nationallefthandersday

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Yesterday was #Nationallefthandersday ... Here is my ... I am left handed... The most amazing thing in this photo ... I have finger nails. That grew from my own hand!!!!! I have never been able to grow nails... Ever... Then last year I left... I burned & got rid of everything ...feelings... People... Possesions... upon leaving and since... I have no past... Only a future... I bleached my slate... One day i looked down.. And i have these fingernails...for me its Universal proof of a calm & peaceful life ...i have been on the road over a year (june 28th)... Re-Crowned myself (8/12).. I am FUCKIN STOKED.. I am grateful...I am a woman on a mission... Full of Art & Love... Oh and yes... Leftys do it better...

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ArmySergeant Ko

Benicia, California

#NationalLeftHandersDay 🀚 @beniciaarmy

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Happy belated #nationallefthandersday 😍 And a shoutout to all my who are practicing their without the smears πŸ˜„

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Zoey crawled up next to me and brought her bible and asked me to read it to her (she has a bookmark in Genesis where she left off last time). The other day was so she and I took a pic. The other day was also #nationallefthandersday and Kayly is my little lefty. After the first day of school, we all enjoyed snow cones from Ooh La La.

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Baldwin Wallace Lacrosse

Baldwin Wallace University

So apparently we missed #NationalLeftHandersDay We will also miss this left hander next year after his USILA All-American campaign. 🐝

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Celebrity Gossip and News

"Oh there ain't no other way. Baby I was born this way." -Lefties, probably. Tag your favorite left hander. πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #NationalLeftHandersDay (πŸ“·: Getty Images)

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