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Sílvia Santos Festas (@silvia.santosfestas) Instagram Profile Photo

Sílvia Santos Festas

Theodore Great (@theodoregreat) Instagram Profile Photo

Theodore Great

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Волкова Надежда   UFA (@nadyaya___) Instagram Profile Photo

Волкова Надежда UFA

Dr. Elisabetta Canitano is gynecologist and activist for reproductive rights in Italy. Through her charity Vita di Donna, she helps women from all over Italy not to run into coscientious objectors . "Behind anti abortion propaganda there is the hatred of women. To claim that an embryo, even of just 16 cells, has as many rights as a person in the flesh, in this case a woman, I repeat it can only be the product of a sick mind." We will talk in Sisters ⚡️ about her and her work, along with the one of other activists 🤟 in Italy and Europe. To support the project, you can donate to the fundraising campaign still for a few days 🔥 Link in BIO 🔥 #mybodymychoice

Alex Skylar Davis 🥀 (@alexmobilepanbearinthebox) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Skylar Davis 🥀

I am now a mobileromantic pansexual, meaning I am romantically attracted to mobiles, but I am still going to have sex with anyone. I am also now bearintheboxgender meaning my gender is a bearinthebox. Pronouns are yresrun/egaugnal. Respect me! Because of my abrosexuality and my genderfluidity, these will change soon. #mybodymychoice

Волкова Надежда   UFA (@nadyaya___) Instagram Profile Photo

Волкова Надежда UFA


Делай то, что тебе нравится, ты у себя одна!!! . . . #mybodymychoice l

YoulhiebundaDian (@yulie_bunda_dian) Instagram Profile Photo


Buat apa mencintai tanpa dicintai Mending cintai ususmu Minum yakult tiap hariiiiii🎶🎶 Lah..lahh jadi iklan😂😂😂💃 Haha selamat pagi senin ceria Salam dari pejuang keringet💪😁😁😂💃 #mybodymychoice

His&Hers By Sonya Genazvale © (@sonyagenazvale) Instagram Profile Photo

His&Hers By Sonya Genazvale ©


REPEAT FOREVER. 🧫 science 🧪 is progressive but womens rights are not. history repeats itself FOREVER. I STILL HAVE NO POWER OVER MY BODY. I still have NO POWER over my salary! I still have NO POWER over Sexual Assault and the STIGMA that comes along.

sana Heat-Panties (@my_sana_comfort) Instagram Profile Photo

sana Heat-Panties

Wir wünschen euch einen tollen Start in die Woche. 🌼 Wir starten sie mit Regelschmerzen, Heat-Panties, aber unsichtbarem Akku ;-)😉    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          #mybodymychoice       

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