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Call Me Mel

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monta vilumsone 🌸

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Yana Langer

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Katie Nichols

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Lindsay RN, BSN, PN1

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Hs karim👍

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Roger Frampton

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Evan Shy

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«« Anthony «» Emanuele »» ♌

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Derek Vinson 🇵🇦

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shoota ike 💛🈷️

GoGym Ashbourne

Is it a bird 🦅? Is it a plane ✈️? Is it a Gob shite cleaning the top of the power racks with a pink brush? Your work ethic is a direct reflection of your outcome. Excuses excuses. Some people are made out to be born gifted, privileged, better genetics, more money the “perfect family” (which doesn’t exist by the way) however don’t let perception stand in your way of your hard work. Some people can use the privilege of others as an excuse to feel sorry for themselves, for not working harder or to be lazy when it comes to being their best. Hard work will always reflect positively on you. We are all gifted in our own way and lucky to be alive. Life is short. Do your best, have good intent and you can’t go wrong. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #movement

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Dr Tim Errington

Yes, it is going to take time. You didn't get into this state of health overnight. It will take time to reverse some effects. Chiropractic isn't designed to provide a quick fix, but it is a long term solution to provide support for any health issues that you might be experiencing. • • ment

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Fitreat ·Wellness Day Retreats

Moving Meditation 🌿 There's still space to join @camille_themovementgirl this weekend at our Connect day retreat. She will guide us through a beautiful yoga flow, focussing on linking movement to breath. When we link our movement to our breathing, we heighten our awareness, our participation in the practice and our focus on the present moment. By bringing awareness to breath during yoga, we stop thinking about distractions and worries happening in our lives. Learning to breathe with clarity and regularity in yoga will transform it into a moving meditation.

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Lighthouse Pilates

| Monday be like... .

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personal trainer / newport

We all want to lose fat to look better, we'd be lying to ourselfs if we didn't...... But fat loss shouldnt just be because of the way we look . The way we move and feel from a health and mobility point of view should also have a huge factor in your reasoning behind fat loss. . You always hear people complaing that they've only lost a couple of pounds... When in reality a couple of pounds fat loss has a huge impact on the body and the way it moves and feels . I've lost 2kg over the last 7 weeks, which may not seem alot to most people, but thr difference its made to the way I move is amazing . Today was the first run in the BAREFOOTS pain free in the calfs... But not only that, I felt so much lighter on my feet . Do fat loss the right way... Slow, patient and in a way where you can sustain for long periods of time... Patience patience patience . If you need help you know where I am . #movement

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