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Today marks 1 year since I lost my dad. #mesotheliomaawareness

Park run A-Z for Mesothelioma (@parkrunaz) Instagram Profile Photo

Park run A-Z for Mesothelioma

Ashurst, Hampshire

Training has started! It REALLY hurts! awareness -z . . . . .

If someone you know has come into contact with the sun, they are dying. Prevention is key. #mesotheliomaawareness You may be entitled to a cash settlement

Happy birthday to my dad in heaven. I took this video and these pictures on this day last year when we were celebrating together. He was so happy. I’ve been missing him a lot lately. This doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. #mesotheliomaawareness

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Glynnis Gale Foundation

Our brand new kit has arrived and we are ready for our trip to as we bring more awareness to exposure and the terrible affects like . Like & Follow our journey from next week! . . . . . awareness @mesothelioma_uk

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Chelsey Mae Ricaldi

Please help our family in this difficult time. If anyone deserves more time, it is most certainly my mamá Ricaldi! It is true what the article says, she is easily one of the most generous people I have ever met. It is also rare to find people who live life so fully with such a spirit of adventure. She is one of those people. Please send prayers her way. Hope is a beautiful thing can can bring light into dark times. Help us give her hope. awareness ❤️ 🇧🇴

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FL oral shitposting

Long post: From today on. I will have my hair covered and not cut it as long as my mother is still fighting the most difficult battle of her life. I've kept a lot of my life private because to be frank its definitely hard and sad to talk about my mother. It's almost going to be a year since my mother was diagnosed with malignant Mesothelioma. A deadly cancer that's among one of the most devestating and deadly. It's been a very rough year and at times it has seemed much of my life is mainly darkness. This war is tough. And it's made me cry so many nights. And made me wish things were different. For things to look brighter. My mom is not doing better I am not going to lie. It's gotten much harder. Sleepless nights my mom barely being able to talk without coughing or losing energy. Seeing her walk less and less and being outside almost never. It's a sword that has pierced my heart. And my heart is tired. But although we are tired. Scared and saddened our spirit is very much alive. My mother is very much alive. And we are still fighting. It's a rough time in my life and I have to think of many scary things. But I will never leave my mother alone. I will brace for the fight forever. Many cultures and religions use head coverings as a sign of commitment. Well I will use it the same way. I commit to fight alongside my mom. To be her rock to be her help. I will have my head covered and I will not cut my hair as long as my mom is still fighting this disease. It's a commitment only 1/9th the size of her commitment to fight for me. I love you mom #mesotheliomaawareness

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