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Simone Sivieri 💪🏻 (@simosivieri) Instagram Profile Photo

Simone Sivieri 💪🏻

Leonardo Ruggeri (@leorug_) Instagram Profile Photo

Leonardo Ruggeri

Nicola Ravelli (@nicola_ravellii) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicola Ravelli

$EBλ$Ŧłλ₦Ø GUŁłZłλ (@ollen24) Instagram Profile Photo

$EBλ$Ŧłλ₦Ø GUŁłZłλ

Denise Gonzaga (@balletden) Instagram Profile Photo

Denise Gonzaga

Marie And The Jojo’s (@marieandthejojos) Instagram Profile Photo

Marie And The Jojo’s

Mais que veut-elle donc nous dire en cette veille de reprise ?? #merde

merdeproject (@merdeproject) Instagram Profile Photo


Joe Goode Performance Group

Getting to know my cast and witness a group of 6 strangers relate to each other so quickly and work so well together has been an absolute pleasure and reminds me of the power in community. My challenge has been to create a container that allows space for each individual to explore and be seen and provides enough structure to ground this piece for the stage, for people to witness. More than "How do I make this cast serve my vision?", my question is "How can this piece serve my cast?" I'm finding the whole experience to be very refreshing! 🙃 Julie Crother’s @jcro5 work will be presented with our other choreographers on Sept 5-6th at the Joe Goode Annex. Don’t miss out! Ticket link in bio! Photo @nataliamroberts and @greta_hadley #merde

Mario Palmieri (Palmi) (@mariopalmi) Instagram Profile Photo

Mario Palmieri (Palmi)

È triste ma alcune persone devi spostarle per vedere tutta la vita che hai ancora davanti. #merde #🖕🏼

Bénédicte de Bellefroid (@benedictedebellefroid) Instagram Profile Photo

Bénédicte de Bellefroid

Steaming is surprisingly satisfying 😜

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