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Monique Mastrobattista

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Natalie Kusturic

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Gisella Tani Pratiwi

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A Recipe For Mindfulness

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I'm Crystal and I love cycling. But... here's the kicker, I also hate cycling. I have a cycling anxiety problem. Cycling unearths this terror in me - fear of being the slowest, fear of hills, fear of moving metal objects, fear of driver aggression - I have been hit by a car twice so that kind of makes sense. But enough is enough! It's time to challenge my anxieties, get out more and get fitter, faster and climb better. To help keep me motivated I have set myself a reward of a new bike at the end of it all, but the twist is that I have to build it myself and before I can buy any components. I have to earn them by cycling for points. The more points I earn, the more components I can buy. Join me on my journey to overcome my cycling anxieties and follow my progress while I build my dream bike. I have my frame and the challenge starts NOW! #mentalhealth

I am so excited for the upcoming DBT Fundamentals group! I have seen DBT skills transform the lives of so many of my clients, and I can't wait to bring this to my practice at @circlestudioshamilton . My DBT Fundamentals group starts September 4, and there are still a couple spaces open. If you are struggling with mental chaos, or feel like you need more coping skills in your toolbox, you can register for this group at : #mentalhealth

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Sasha Bellucci

Worldwide, online conference on Psilocybin. Don’t miss it 🙌🏼🍄💗🌎 #mentalhealth

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⭐️ motivation for today has been to remember that we don’t have to convince the world how we feel the only acknowledgment we need is our own⭐️

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Alathia| chronic pain blogger

Yes, chronic pain has taken things from me. I’ve lost so much. But climbing a mountain reminded me that I am still strong. I am still fighting. I am still growing. I am still alive. And when you’re as stubborn as me, sometimes you have to literally climb a mountain in order to learn the truths that are hard to remember. Read more about my adventure in this week's blog post. Link in bio 💛 #mentalhealth

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No More Martyrs

The OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and OZY have launched a new exciting discussion show titled . We encourage the No More Martyrs Sisterhood to join the conversation. For details, visit #MentalHealth @owntv @blackwomen.own @oprah

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