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Blue Command™️

There are some things you need to do There are some things you want to do There are some things you are forced to do But There is one thing That isn’t needed That isn’t wanted That isn’t forced Being a man of action Is a mindset Taking action Is something you do Taking action Is not something you think about Taking action is not something you dwell on Taking action Is Taking souls It is a great feeling To stare your enemies in the eye And win Jealousy Is unfulfilled potential You are watching someone else Do the thing You think you can do That is why You resent that person Some people are happy with a quiet life A life without action A boring life A boring life Is not a life worth living If you do not want to fight You might as well Take up gardening So here is to you A man of action A capable person A person Who is willing to do the hard things Who doesn’t care for the easy things And wins Every. Single. Time. tyle

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Bo's Bagels

My first (dangerous) hat. Magnificent meeting with the designer @armednyc in Harlem Thank you @casey_benjamin #menshatstyle

PARIS IN HARLEM • had the pleasure of meeting fellow artist @ergauthier yesterday to hand deliver his custom Signature.001 - see you in Paris! Thanks for the love @casey_benjamin . . . . . . #menshatstyle

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Men's Beret hat. Available at tyle 🔥

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Another great Italian made 100% leather fedora Johnny Depp replica hat I’ve Customized. I’m letting it go for a lot cheaper than the picture displays...DM me for details ⏳

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Blue Command™️

🤪⬇️😭I’m sorry 😭⬇️🤪 Today We have to talk About What it means to be a man You might find it interesting You might be bored stiff Nonetheless It is an interesting concept That needs addressing ————————————————- Masculinity Is a concept That has died It is marketed It is sold By famous people With massive muscles In fictional movies But the truth is That is not masculinity That is insecurity Movies are popular Because Movies play on the male fantasy Movies are heroic -——————————————— Masculinity Is a fantastical concept To be Herculean To wrestle a lion With your bare hands And win To be given a mountain To climb a mountain Even though Each mountain Is relative It is not about the size Of the mountain It is about what mountains We can scale Most of our history Is military history History of great victories To vanquish your enemies Whoever Your enemies may be ——————————————- Nowadays The enemy is within The enemy is our mind Our mind.... Tells us what we can do Our mind..... Tells us what we cannot do But You have a choice To listen to your mind Or a choice To ignore your mind ———————————————— Your mind Is the difference Between winning and Losing They say You are your own worst enemy To be great To be victorious You must follow Your conscience And never give up ————————————————— Your conscience....... Knows Your conscience....... Is your vision Your conscience...... Creates your vision Your conscience..... Is who you are Your conscience..... Is who you will be Follow your conscience And Don’t give up ———————- tyle

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