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Ranier Rivera (@ranierrivera) Instagram Profile Photo

Ranier Rivera

🎧 SLOL Official Top Music🎧 (@slol_official) Instagram Profile Photo

🎧 SLOL Official Top Music🎧

Xavier BSc(Hons), MSc (@callingdrholmes) Instagram Profile Photo

Xavier BSc(Hons), MSc

The wise words in our random fortune cookie last night said it best 💕 so excited to spend forever with my love!

Antonio | S-DPT | Philly (@lombardoptkt) Instagram Profile Photo

Antonio | S-DPT | Philly

Jefferson Alumni Hall

If someone were to ask me...knowing that I would be apart of a team that would be collecting data for 2 whole years...have ups and downs with research, tons of proof reading and editing and stress, in Hope's that we could revolutionize what we know about cancer and exercise...if I were to do it again? . Ya dam right I would! Cheers to an amazing team and an amazing journey, look for our names in the APTA orthopedic journal and welcome to the future 😎 . school

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Mike Brown

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Datos medic 🏥

Neiva Huila

🏥📚⚕️🔵 La ictiosis tipo arlequín es una enfermedad genética rara de la piel caracterizada por escamas grandes y gruesas que aparecen en toda la piel, como a su vez se nace con los párpados volteados por lo que en lugar de ojos se observan los párpados totalmente rojos. Se asocia generalmente a deformidades faciales características y a menudo anomalías en otras partes del cuerpo, especialmente en el tórax. . . 📚⚕️🏥💉 🔴🏥 Síguenos y aprende cada día con nosotros!! @datos.medic @datos.medic @datos.medic #medicalschool

A Quick Medical Review 💉 (@quickstudymed) Instagram Profile Photo

A Quick Medical Review 💉

A 60 year-old male w/ PMH of HTN presents with chest pain. He describes the pain as excruciating and knife-like that began in the morning . Physical examination is significant for unequal blood pressures in the arm and a diastolic murmur in the left sternal border . Chest radiograph shows widened mediastinum. You suspect dissection and Pt is prepped for CT.

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