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Bobby Jones

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Cocina Casarosa 👨🏻‍🍳

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Ирина Силецкая - Блощук

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Le Fiekster

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Nyasha Lewis

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David Cazares

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TCS by Daniel Hahn

Regent's Canal

Learning to cook some Caribbean (Guyanese) barbecue from an expert in a backyard that resembled a tropical forest. Guyanese style pork ribs, jerk chicken, jerk burgers and smoked sausage. #meat

Malayali Christmas food! This was supposed to be part of the Christmas series but since it's almost next Christmas...🤷🏻‍♀️ Name all the meat (only meat, yes, it was supposed to be a sarcastic take on how much meat Malayalee Christians eat after Lent) dishes to win a prize - the prize is the satisfaction of knowing you're right. #meat

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🇦🇿 Azerbaijani cuisine &Food

Добрый вечер мои дорогие Dana etinden ---Bozbaş-- 📋📝👓 Бозбаш с телятиной ___ 📷🎥@ilmusenin_bisirdikleri Рецепт перевела @azerbaijani_cuisine _____ Мясо нарезаем на куски, моем и ставим вариться. Собираем пену и процеживаем бульон. Очищаем мясо от костей. Замоченный с ночи нут отвариваем до готовности. Нарезаем лук соломкой и обжариваем на топленом масле в казане, затем добавив немного томатной пасты и куркумы обжариваем. Добавляем в казан мясо и обжариваем. Вливаем мясной бульон и ставим вариться, после закипания добавляем отварной нут. Картофель чистим, моем, нарезаем волнистым фигурным ножом и отправляем в казан. Солим и перчим, кладём 2-3 алычи и ставим вариться до готовности. При подаче на стол посыпаем нарезанной зеленью. Nuş olsun! Приятного аппетита! Tag #meat #meat

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La Marelle Café

Yesterday I ate the best burger of my life and the best beer “La Poivrote”🤤🤤🤤👌🏻 If you go in Belgium you must go to ”La Marelle café” ! #meat

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James Hoot Ⓥ

Thank you SO MUCH to every one of the thousands of people that marched yesterday, side by side, shoulder by shoulder in solidarity for the animals ✊ May we never forget the beings who we fight for. May we never forget their suffering. Until every (fucking) cage is empty.

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Schmidty (Marc)

Mayfair, Philadelphia

This is her idea of helping me, picking out which 🍔 burgers she wants.... Hers are the nasty #meat

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