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nedim tır market (@nedimtr_market) Instagram Profile Photo

nedim tır market

Рекламное Агенство (@led_vostok) Instagram Profile Photo

Рекламное Агенство

Chandra Scofield L.Ac., MTOM (@chandrawellness) Instagram Profile Photo

Chandra Scofield L.Ac., MTOM

Aluterr Terrassenüberdachungen (@aluterr.terrassen) Instagram Profile Photo

Aluterr Terrassenüberdachungen

Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Die Terrassendachinnenbeschattung mit integrierte Markise, welche unter dem Glas der Terrassenüberdachung montiert ist. Inklusive Antriebsmotor🏡 #LED

TIENDA PIOLA 🛍 Mar del plata 🌊 (@tiendapiola) Instagram Profile Photo

TIENDA PIOLA 🛍 Mar del plata 🌊

Bastones de lluvia led!!!!❣️🥰 Efecto fugaz! La luz de colores atraviesa los bastones creando un efecto mágico y hermoso!!💞 Son perfectos para decorar cualquier evento: fiestas de 15, casamientos, cumpleaños y también quedan hermosos en cualquier habitación de tu hogarrr!!!🥳 Veni a TIENDA PIOLA y llevate tu tira led de bastones, la vas a amarrr!😍 . . 👉Hay dos modelos disponibles: luz multicolor o luz blanca 👉Cada tira led trae 8 bastones de 30 cm de largo 👉Alimentación: 220V . . Podes encontrarlos en Rivadavia 2734 de lunes a sabados de 10:00 a 20:30 hs 📍🕑 #led

The South Band (@thesouthbandec) Instagram Profile Photo

The South Band

@omidforootant with @get_repost ・・・ Ya compraste tu para este show totalmente renovado e interactivo para uds mi gente con esta bandasa @thesouthbandec y acompañantes de lujo @santiagoerraezcantautor @manuqvezada #led

Wondering what’s the deal with blue-light blocking glasses? Here’s some fun facts about our eyes and blue light: ——————————— 1. Our retina is a layer of tissue in the back of the eye that converts light into neural signals and sends those signals to the brain to form an image (everything we see). 2. Approximately 1/3 of all visible light is “high energy blue light” and our eyes suck at blocking it. Almost all visible blue light passes through our eyes and reaches our retinas. Over time this light causes damage to cells in our retina. 3. Blue light is “high energy” light because it scatters very easily and is difficult for our eyes to focus on which leads to eye strain. Have you ever noticed your eyes hurt a little or maybe you get a headache after looking at a bright screen for a while? This is predominantly why. ————————————— I’m not telling y’all this to scare you, blue light is natural and we get most of it from the sun. But our technology emits this light too, and since we hold our phones and computers and tablets so close to our faces, that blue light has direct access to our eyes and can really have effects on eye health long term. ————————————————— Two easy ways to mitigate how much blue light impacts your eyes are to 1. Use Night-Shift on your devices and 2. Snag a pair of these cute glasses. They absorb all of that light your eyes can’t filter out and as a result, happy retinas. I look at my computer all day long when I’m studying and since I’ve been using these I haven’t gone to bed with that uncomfortable feeling in my eyes. A demo plus the link and deets to these glasses are on my IG stories! Be sure to check it out before it expires! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #LED

Sitbok_General (@sitbok_online) Instagram Profile Photo


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