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Renée Caouette (@reneecaouetteart) Instagram Profile Photo

Renée Caouette

New York, New York

Work in progress, beginnings of a new piece. Something about Psyche and Eros 🤔 16x20in oil on linen. . . . . #lachandeleur

La vie d’une carotte (@laviedunecarotte) Instagram Profile Photo

La vie d’une carotte

La Chandeleur A Plogonnec

Forcément, en Bretagne, Carotte se régale avec les crêpes ! . #lachandeleur

Forecastle Festival

This dude. This show. This sweat. This festival. All the freakin heart eyes 😻 Special shout out to our team for kicking ass and all the people with fries and crepes in their bellies! This past weekend was a dream. We were actually nervous to see what our sales were because it felt slow. Turns out we way outdid ourselves from last year, we just have a dream team crew surrounding us! Our kitchen guys sweat their hearts out for us and I’m forever thankful. #lachandeleur

Elizabeth Springer (@thecatwrites) Instagram Profile Photo

Elizabeth Springer

I was gonna take a pic of my chorizo pulled pork crepe but it was so good I forgot to be a social media millennial and ate the whole thing! #lachandeleur

𝑺𝒂𝒓𝒂🦋 (@semsara77) Instagram Profile Photo


Fresh Start Growers Supply

Not a keto post! Do yourselves a favor and come on down to the Flea off Market this weekend and check out @la_chandeleur and @nicecreamllc! The chorizo twist from @la_chandeleur is absolutely amazing and the Very Strawberry from @nicecreamllc is the best ice cream I have ever had. If your gonna cheat on your diet do it with amazing food like this. #lachandeleur

La Chandeleur Food Truck (@la_chandeleur) Instagram Profile Photo

La Chandeleur Food Truck

Beechmont, Louisville

Getting this old wooden refrigerator apart has been a SLOW process... #lachandeleur

I am not a big fan of posting photos of what I eat. I love to eat but I don’t have the luxury of time to post pictures. But this one deserves a special shoutout. I finished early with my case and decided to have an early lunch. They were not yet fully set up but the owner took my order, asked the chef to heat up the fryer, and said my food would be ready in a few minutes. I went to get a drink at Starbucks, came back and my food was ready. What a very nice gesture. This is how you do business. It goes without saying the food is awesome👍🏼 #lachandeleur

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