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Olga Kolesnikova

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Alexander The Great

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Mama Bear LA

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Jeremy Miller

Smile from your heart; nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is happy to be herself. #joy

So many beautiful moments( ◠‿◠ ) Hope we can create more memories together. And share life & love ♾ 💞 . #joy

My acupuncturist is one of my favorite people. Hypersensitive to NSAIDS and RX meds, she’s my go to for my trigeminal neuralgia and basic self care. Wonderland Trail took a huge toll and my body has revolted in a big way,- tibial stress fractures as a result of plantar fasciitis, allergic reactions from 2 freakin’ Aleve, fever, acephalgic migraine, etc... Seeing her today was literally a huge relief. I can move my neck, my head pain is gone and my fractures were responding happily to warm castor oil. The energy began flowing again apparently and I got the giggles in that room all by myself. Emilie kept poking her head in, curious as what I was up to. Nothing. Just a very happy, albeit somewhat perfectly broken, body. . . #joy

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