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Lala Bazel

To love abundantly is part of human nature. Immersing ourselves passionately, wholly and generously sets us apart as a species.I remember the day I learned about the human propensity to hate. . My mother and I lived together in a small house on the outskirts of a forgotten town. Everyday, she would come home, sweat dripping from her forehead, apron tied around her waist, usually with her afro pulled back by a small leather thong. I knew never to speak to her until she'd had a shot of her special brown drink. Sometimes I would even pour it. The intense smell of the liquid always turned my stomach. But it helped her. She would close her eyes, her fingers caressing the short sweating glass. I would wait patiently while she took several deep breaths, walked to the kitchen table and slowly sank into her chair. Finally, she would smile and beckon me forward. Running to her will always be one of my favorite memories. She would envelop me in her arms. Her hair smelled of shea butter and rosewater. Her tan uniform warm and soft. She would rub my back, drawing invisible circles across it as she heard about my day. The day I started the 6th grade, I waited excitedly for her to get home. She walked in at 8:00pm as usual, afro threaded back into cornrows. Slamming the door behind her, she seemed cloaked in hostility. I took a step back waiting for her signal. She filled the glass I'd left out for her and swallowed it in one gulp before immediately refilling it. I must have moved because she shot me a look, one so cold and unfeeling, I started to cry. Her eyes followed the pearly drop before dismissing me entirely. I sank to the floor, my knees shaking uncontrollably. Don't speak. This was the other woman. Five refills later, she slowly rose. I stiffened. She met my stare and beckoned me forward. I inched toward the woman. Hating her more with each step. . . . . lalabazel #jointheclub

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