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Hrvoje “Žikac” Krištofić (@hrvojekristofic) Instagram Profile Photo

Hrvoje “Žikac” Krištofić

Jill of Many Trades (@duchovlet) Instagram Profile Photo

Jill of Many Trades

Another batch. This time with red #jalapeno & + sweet . Added some paste to thicken it since the mix was juicy. I stirred in the remaining salsa too. Heated it all to just warm then turned stove off & let cool. Made a nice mix with just the right kick. includes & a few other , , , , , , juice, fresh & + . . . .

David Young D. Kim (@711allyear) Instagram Profile Photo

David Young D. Kim

Today’s lunch chili dog.... reminds me of 7-eleven chili dog. #jalapeno #

Jill of Many Trades (@duchovlet) Instagram Profile Photo

Jill of Many Trades

It's (apparently it's a real thing, according to a recent @theatlantic article, and it allows people to divert themselves from ). Even though 's refuses to cooperate and actually grow my 100-plus plants I'm still going to partake in certain food delicacies. Even if I have to buy at the store. . . . #jalapeno

Fizzy Ferments (@fizzy_ferments) Instagram Profile Photo

Fizzy Ferments

Tepache!!! Possibly my most favorite fermented drink. I spiced this batch up with cinnamon, star anise, cloves and jalapeno! 🍍💛 deliciousness ready to drink in less than a week!!

Fridays stats... Mummys prosecco night and my first real test but i kept tally and ended up at 753 deficit which I think is pretty decent tbh x Some work to do the next three days to pull it back but totally got this!!!! #jalapeno           

Chef James (@cheff_james) Instagram Profile Photo

Chef James

New Jersey

Mexican Flavored Open Face Taco Garlic Bread, Topped With White Rice, Spicy Ground Meat & Jalapeños. #jalapeno

I’m so glad that I could spend my summer break with these nice guys. Thank you for all of your kindnesses and being great friends to me. You guys are awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Japan again. #jalapeno

F220 Smokehouse (@f220_smokehouse) Instagram Profile Photo

F220 Smokehouse

F220 Smokehouse

The Dad’s Taste of F220. Just one platter for one day only. Taste each entree and your choice of two smoked meats...happy days

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