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Yung Yg Fan Page (@yungyg.fanpage_x) Instagram Profile Photo

Yung Yg Fan Page

Insomnia Out now❗️❗️ Support the new wave🎶 BLACK ROCKSTARS 🤫🤟🏾 ~ Follow Yung Yg (@1yungyg) on Spotify and Twitter

Dawayne Jordan (@theactordj) Instagram Profile Photo

Dawayne Jordan

OPINIONS: If a girl tells a guy she's a but she does not bleed the first time they have sex ...did she lie about being a Virgin? #IRefuseToApologizeFor

Yung Yg (@1yungyg) Instagram Profile Photo

Yung Yg

🚨Days and nights @killtaz_or_die and me stayed up and worked for this. Trouble sleeping but won’t sleep until we make it💯🤟🏾. Insomnia coming soon. Support the new wave🎶 BLACK ROCKSTARS 🤫🤟🏾 ~ Follow me on Spotify and Twitter • • • • •                 #IRefuseToApologizeFor

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Random Photo: Not Working - #IRefuseToApologizeFor

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Il Porcellino Restaurant

#IRefuseToApologizeFor Pasta Aglio e Olio with extra shavings of @parmigianoreggiano and topped with Are you in⁉️ Dine-in 🍽 Take-out 🥡 and buon appetito 🍝🧀 . . . .

Christine Pelosi (@christine_pelosi) Instagram Profile Photo

Christine Pelosi

‪#IRefuseToApologizeFor my belief that women have the right to choose our life's destiny and that politicians must not police or control our intimate decisions. ‬

“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” Looking at this pic brings back so many awesome memories! The day my spoken word EP was released (link in bio) but more importantly, that night was epic because my LA fam (miss ya’ll 💛) showed up and showed love. I had big plans in LA LA land ya’ll (what I ended up accomplishing wasn’t my plan) but God had bigger plans for me. Holistically + Humbling. Thank you Lord. Meet JFer from the Blizzock (translation, the Bronx) who moved to Los Angeles and well ... the story continues. S/O to @voyagelamag for the feature! Link in bio. ⠀ •⠀ •⠀ P.S. Me and this “Imma thug” face have a thing going on⠀

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