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Current status . . @nrdc_org ・・・ Hey @cites don’t fall down on the job! 🙈 Otter moms can teach their pups how to survive, but not if they’re stolen for the pet trade or to become attractions in coffee shops. 😢 Asian small-clawed and smooth-coated otters are disappearing fast. The frightening report by @ipbes_ says that over 1 million species could go extinct in the next few decades without transformational changes to the way we exploit wildlife. Otters and all threatened species need full protection under international law. [photo credit Jeffery Teo/Otterwatch] - @iucn_otterspecialistgroup @speciessurvivalnetwork @globalotters @ottercity @leonardodicaprio #IPBES7

“Cerca de 1 millón de especies están en peligro de extinción. La diversidad está disminuyendo aceleradamente, a un ritmo sin precedentes en la historia. Un nuevo informe de @IPBES alerta de la necesidad de cambios radicales para salvarlas.” #IPBES7.

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De pe vremea când eram parte a delegației României la @ipbes_ 7 🇷🇴 #IPBES7

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