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Reiki Gem Wellness (@reikigemwellness) Instagram Profile Photo

Reiki Gem Wellness

Sagenite is a Virgo gemstone! It is also the Stone of Wisdom - This stone helps us to hear and trust our Inner Wisdom. Intuition and inner knowing help us make the wisest decisions for our development and allow us to learn life lessons quickly. If used while smudging, Sagenite also clears the aura and environment, cultivating lightness and positivity.⁠ .⁠ ⁠Reiki-Charged and Available in the Etsy store - *NEW* Tap Photo for Direct Link to Etsy Listing!! ✨⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #intuitivesofinstagram

Triune Moon (@triunemoon) Instagram Profile Photo

Triune Moon

Knight of Pentacles - Tarot Card of the Day: If you have been waiting for the right moment to take the proverbial leap, this is your day. Put the pros and cons list aside and listen instead to your gut. What does your intuition tell you about the situation? Does it feel right or does your stomach tighten in fear? Only you can know what is truly right for you. You just need to quiet yourself, feel and listen. #intuitivesofinstagram

Angelyn Nicholson (@colorofkismet) Instagram Profile Photo

Angelyn Nicholson

Today is the open house at Infinite Light Center! We have plenty of testers and are always happy to recommend products. ⁠ Come say Hi. 🌿⁠

Jessica Peppler (@jessicapeppler) Instagram Profile Photo

Jessica Peppler

This month’s tarot bitch slap...isn’t so much of a bitch slap. Actually, it feels like confirmation, support, and some helpful and timely reminders. I asked: 1) What must be cleared 2) What must be planted 3) What must be celebrated 4) A mindset/theme to focus on that will help with this process Credit to @gottesss for this spread, which came from the Many Moons planner. I pulled this spread twice because sometimes that’s what I do 🤷🏻‍♀️ and it’s shocking (but actually not shocking) how incredibly related and accurate both versions are. My second pull is actually the first photo because I thought it would look prettier in my feed—omg I know...but I did really think that and you know that openness and honesty are v important to me so I’m telling you! The basic gist of these spreads is that it’s time to take action, keep things simple, and stop wasting energy. I need to keep cultivating my power and using my voice and trusting myself. Also, gotta celebrate all the emotional and personal growth I’ve experienced (that I’ve worked my ass off for!), the positive energy that’s supporting me, and the actions I’ve taken. And lastly, stay connected to my divine nature, rely on the wisdom I’ve gained from my experiences, stay disciplined, and continue to release illusions of control. Maybe there are some messages in here that you need too? Sending love to you 💙 PS - my favorite rocks are not my fancy store bought crystals but special rocks that people have given me or that I’ve been offered by the Earth. These two are courtesy of my kids and my kindred spirit @yourpurelight

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