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Jacob Erock Moses

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Premissa Lingerie

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Joeriz Edralin

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The Official Garage

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Tudders Training

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Isabel Chung

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Olfactory Institute

Berlin, Germany

Off to Berlin where we today with Germany’s leading producer of on and and he w the market can #inspire the world of

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Miss Mariie

Most of my life I have been carrying the feeling that I don't belong. That I'm weird, somehow different from the rest and just don't fit in. I worked around that belief and story and twisted it around for something I embraced and something that I actually accepted to be just part of who I am. I something use it as my inner force even. However. I thought I was fine with it, not blending in and making things my way but I also discovered that behind that feeling and story is an actual spiral of events in my early life. It has created the belief in me that I'm odd and different and I don't quite belong in anywhere. While that has been a beautiful benefit and became part of my identity, it has also been attached to the idea that I'm less than. Less than someone else, not good enough, not pretty enough, not fit enough, not intelligent or interesting enough. The spiderweb that I thought is my strength was actually connected also to my fears and insecurities. Now that is something to discover. It transforms the complete understanding of myself and why sometimes I have patterns that keep on repeating and repeating. It si funny to notice that in the end there is not really that much that makes me different from the rest. I am no different. I do belong. I am enough. I am human being. With all that there is. I think it is important to recognize that even we have unique imprint and impact on the reality, the core of us is the same. When you discover yourself, you truly do see everyone else as well. In more compassionate and loving way. Because they are not different than you 🌻 Photo taken by @timo_koponen (*in memoriam* ✨✨) #inspire 🌻✨

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Qingdao 青岛

🇨🇳TEACH IN QINGDAO🇨🇳 . Located on the eastern side of Qingdao, the Zhanshan Temple is surrounded on three sides by the majestic mountain whilst the fourth side looks out onto the sea. . Built in 1945, The Zhanshan Temple consists of three courts. . The buildings, covered with black tiles and constructed with gray bricks, are all built in the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD). . The west court contains a memorial hall and some lesser Buddhist structures, while the east court contains dining rooms and is the home of the aged monks. The main buildings - the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Grand Hall, the Hall of the Three Saints and the sutra depository - are concentrated in the middle court. . The large Buddha, which is the focal point of this shrine, is flanked by four large statues, one depicting a pipa player. . The enchanting scenery at Zhanshan Temple attracts many tourists throughout the year, and it is especially busy on April 8th of the Chinese Lunar calendar when the temple fair is held. Visitors to the temple in autumn, get a marvellous view of red leaves, ancient pines, smooth sea and the shining moon. . Photo: Austronesian Expeditions via . #inspire

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