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Raquel Gordillo

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Vanessa White

Self portrait number 6. Black indian ink and professional watercolour on watercolour paper. 24 by 32 cm. The colouring was done with Lukas 1862, my favourite watercolours. Selbstporträt Nummer 6. Schwarze Zeichentusche und Künstleraquarellfarbe auf Aquarellpapier. 24 x 32 cm. Die Coloration wurde mit Lukas 1862, meinen liebsten Aquarellfarben, angefertigt. ‌ #inking @lukasfarben @lukaspaints

Stealthy . Day18 : Silent . I was confused at what should I draw for silent because it's a verb. And I mean anything can be Solent right? So I went up on Google, searched for the term silent and found owls. And.. yeah. They are Silent when they fly. So here it is, a silent, stealthy, owl dragon . Tags . . . . #inking

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