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Handcraft by Mayan (@handcraft_by_mayan) Instagram Profile Photo

Handcraft by Mayan

Anabel Valera (@anabel_valera) Instagram Profile Photo

Anabel Valera

Daniela Gonçalves Atelier (@danielagoncalves.atelier) Instagram Profile Photo

Daniela Gonçalves Atelier

Rebel ArtandEdits (@rebel_artandedits) Instagram Profile Photo

Rebel ArtandEdits

Featured IGer is 💢Edited by: @yentl09ed_fx 💢 💢Original photo by: @s.parnok 💢 . ~This is one artist you don't want to miss! ~Please take a moment to check out their feed, you won't be disappointed! ~Thank you for tagging ; your work is amazing! 👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢 NOTE: ➡Please list "picture sources" on your work - if you do not add anything then you just have to list the OP (original photo). ➡All features are scanned/checked with 🌟Tineye🌟 ➡No stolen photos/work. ➡Must be your own creation/work. 👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢👏💢 ~Feature selected by💢@dpersia 💢 🌎Member of @Rebels_United Worldwide🌍 . Please check out all of our pages: . 🎨 @Rebel_ArtandEdits . ♠️ @Rebel_Bnw . 🍭 @Rebel_Colors . 🌠 @Rebel_LongExposure . 🐜 @Rebel_Macro . 🌉 @Rebel_Scapes . 🌥 @Rebel_Sky . ❇️ @Rebels_HDR . 🌱 @Rebels_nature . . 💢 @Rebels_United . #inkdrawing

Francesca kriskekka cristiani (@kriskekka_art) Instagram Profile Photo

Francesca kriskekka cristiani

Ultimamente mi sento un po' debole, sto soffrendo il caldo più del previsto... Settembre, quando arrivi? Ma veniamo alla domanda, voi siete più per il caldo o per il freddo? Mettete tra i commenti di questo post il simbolo del team climatico che più sentite di appartenere. 🔥-Team Caldo ❄-Team Freddo Vediamo chi vincerà la maggioranza. - - - #inkdrawing

Aimi Ghani (@aimighani) Instagram Profile Photo

Aimi Ghani

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This week's spread. I did serif numbers for the date headers because I feel like I'm getting a little rusty at drawing them. This took me a bit more time to draw than serif letters but I love how the numbers look. What do you think? Have a wonderful week loves! x

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