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Anett Bakos🍀

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Paramjot Singh Jabbal

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🇳🇱 Angela Huisman

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Physio Parramatta

Parramatta, New South Wales

Weak knee or ankle. Try this exercise to build up those muscles around these joints. Let us know how you go, or give us a call for a personalised muscle strengthening program. . . . . . . . . .          #injury          

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Bankstown Physiotherapy

Have you been properly introduced to our team?? Each physiotherapist at our clinic pays high attention to detail and takes a strong sense of pride in their work. You can find out more about our team at

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Crotty Dental

Have you experienced a sporting injury before? 🤕 #injury

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Beth Mattingley

Life Hub

Lets talk injuries. In my opinion they can usually be prevented. Our bodies are really intelligent things. They will give feedback to tell us if something is wrong. This is generally through pain or discomfort. I’m not referring to the pain you feel after a hard workout, but the pain that deep down you know isn’t supposed to be there. The problem is that a lot of people ignore these signals. I know this because I used to be one of them. Until recently, my hip had been playing up for years. It hurt to walk at times. I went to a number of different physios, chiros & osteos where I got initial relief, but the problem always resurfaced. I was even told that I needed to get surgery on it. This was a light bulb moment for me. I didn’t want to have surgery. I didn’t want to pay for it. & I definitely didn’t want to have 6 months off training. — What did I change? - I started listening to my body during & after training. Figuring out when I felt sore & the movements that contributed. - I hired a Coach who knew her shit & helped me start again (as a Coach myself I think it’s so important to learn off others). - I dropped the weight in pretty much every exercise which initially hurt my ego. I went from deadlifting 100kgs to 30kgs. - I re-learnt the basics of glute activation, mobility, movement patterns and breath work. I worked damn hard every week to get the basics right simply to move pain free. — This session (last week) was the 1st time I felt like I was moving with ease. Everything just clicked. I was back deadlifting heavy and squatting pain free... with correct technique. No surgery needed 😏. — What have I learnt? That it's better to be able to exercise, then not exercise at all. That nobody cares about what weight you are lifting & if they do then it’s all about feeding their ego & has nothing to do with you. That our bodies can do amazing things and we should pay them respect. That lifting weights is so much then just moving, it requires a level of mindfulness. Think about the exercise…. What muscles am I supposed to working? What am I feeling? — My advice. Listen to your body. Hire a good Coach. Get the basics right. Leave your ego at the door ✌🏼

Sweat Sparkle and Succeed - NZ (@sweatsparkleandsucceednz) Instagram Profile Photo

Sweat Sparkle and Succeed - NZ

Dunedin, New Zealand

Urgh - not quite what I was hoping for! 😩 the cast is off and the next step in recovery is the moon boot! Patience is not my strong point so was hoping this injury had fixed itself a little quicker! #injury

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Putera at Mont' Kiara Sports Massage

In 10 years, 5 years, next year, next month, next week, tomorrow. What are you doing NOW that can help you get to where you want to be? . . Get in touch to book an appointment with @PuteraMontKiara. Call 03-62114844 #injury

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