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LexRx - Lips+Lines+Lashes® (@lexrx) Instagram Profile Photo

LexRx - Lips+Lines+Lashes®

ModernArt MedSpa & Salon (@modernartspa) Instagram Profile Photo

ModernArt MedSpa & Salon

We’re back with more summer facials! Let’s keep that summer glow going strong ☀️😎💪

SKIN Kamloops (@skinkamloops) Instagram Profile Photo

SKIN Kamloops

SKIN Kamloops

Our very own Carleen trying out our newest product, Volux! Juvederm is the latest evolution in facial fillers for those seeking a more defined chin and jawline with results lasting up to 18-24 months! The jawline and chin have been one of the most popular areas after and cheeks that patients want to reshape and improve. A sharper offers youthful beauty and sharp (💉) looks - but Carleen already has that!😻

Wisma Atria

Botox is extremely safe, effective, non­surgical, painless and with minimal downtime. There is no significant swelling or bruising after the procedure. And the treatment takes only five minutes, with no restrictions in your activity post treatment. Our patients who have received this treatment were able to see softening of their cheek muscles within 1 to 2 weeks and noticeable jawline softening and improvement within 4 to 6 weeks. Slim your jawline now!⁠ •⁠ Book Appointment Here —⁠ 💚Whatsapp:SMS 9772-7711 (English)⁠ 💚Whatsapp:SMS 9664-1286 (Japanese) ⁠ Tel: Call 6732-0402⁠ Wisma Atria -04⁠ 435 Orchard Road (S)238877⁠ •⁠ •⁠ #injectables

Mark Anton MD FACS (@newportaestheticsmd) Instagram Profile Photo

Mark Anton MD FACS

"I had the best experience one could imagine with Dr. Anton in Newport Beach! I’ve had two face lifts and people still guess me in my early 40’s and 60 years old. Recovery was 5 days and I was out the door, looking like a million bucks! Feeling very confident and literally changed my world , the staff was amazing and it was 5 star service . I would do it all over again!" 🖤✨

Bella Med☤Spa & Aesthetics 🦋 (@bella.medspa) Instagram Profile Photo

Bella Med☤Spa & Aesthetics 🦋

Bella MedSpa and Aesthetics, LLC.

For an additional $25 you can get a jelly mask added to your facial. Jelly mask alone are $50. Ask about it at your next appt to see which jelly mask is best for your skin. . . . . . . #Injectables

Wave Skin Care (@waveskincare) Instagram Profile Photo

Wave Skin Care

Wave Skin Care

Filler can restore lost cheek volume, which in turn lifts the face up and pulls out wrinkles acting like contour that doesn't wash off - yes please! BUT – and this is a big but – ONLY when done well! Do your homework on clinics and doctors, don't be afraid to ask questions! Consultation is KEY and they are always complimentary at Wave!

Didem_Taleb_Aesthetics (@perfection_injection_) Instagram Profile Photo


Often patients will come and ask what is the difference between anti wrinkle toxin treatments and dermal fillers. Anti wrinkle works on over used muscles such as the angry face we pull the frown muscle which gives people the 2 lines between the eye brows. Dermal fillers fill out areas such as hollowing under the eyes, lost volume in mid face or to have a more define jaw line and chin! Hey let’s not forget the wonders fillers can do for lips 👄 #injectables

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