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Shalia Smith👑💋💛 (@beautiful_dreamer12) Instagram Profile Photo

Shalia Smith👑💋💛

💎Danielle Abecasis💋 (@danielle_970) Instagram Profile Photo

💎Danielle Abecasis💋

ყơɠɛŞɧ ąřơřą 🎤® (@yogiarora.pvt) Instagram Profile Photo

ყơɠɛŞɧ ąřơřą 🎤®

Gianmarco (@gima9_7) Instagram Profile Photo


🇳🇬 (@itschrystian_) Instagram Profile Photo


Leah Boneski (@leahboneski) Instagram Profile Photo

Leah Boneski

Anyone else feeling just GROSS after this full moon, or is it me? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤯 I'm ready for these planets to settle the fuck down already 👌 Highly reactive and emotional, lots of passive aggression coming to the surface. Source is testing us. Making sure we're ready for whats coming. Seeing if we can keep the peace within ourselves. Meditation is necessary, go thank source for the lessons. And learn from them. I get a lot of questions about what crystals i carry (always in my bra) on the daily... heres the line up: Clear quartz- clarity and protection, helps keep the peace ✌ Black tourmaline- tells negative energies to fuck off 🖕🖕 Lapis lazuli- throat chakra (helps me defend myself... i have a hard time standing up for myself when im being abused. Thanks, CPTSD 👌) Jade- heart chakra (because im a softie deep, deep down inside. And a recovering codependent- helps me keep appropriate boundaries for myself 🙅🏼‍♀️) Archangel Metatron Orgonite- spiritual protection mostly, helps align chakras and protects from radiation from electronics- I sit at a computer all day = necessary 👏 Tiger's eye- makes you see through the bullshit: from others and from yourself. I sometimes switch out different crystals depending on the mood or whether I feel one would like to come out and play for the day. I dont have a huge collection and I kind of like it that way. What's your daily crystal bag (or bra) look like? . . . #indigo

桃太郎ジーンズ 児島味野本店 (@momotarojeans_flagshipstore) Instagram Profile Photo

桃太郎ジーンズ 児島味野本店

. 8ozのジンバブエコットンデニムを使用したデニムワークシャツ!! . アメリカの囚人服をモチーフにした「ジェイルポケット」を落とし込みました😊 . 縦長でインパクトのあるポケットはタバコ・スマートフォンなども落ちにくくなっています! . LOT:SJ191 COLOR:ID/AW PRICE:ID¥14,000 AW¥17,000 SIZE:ID34/36/38/40/42/44/46 AW36/38/40/42/44/46 . #indigo

Going Bare Music.©️ (@goingbaremusic) Instagram Profile Photo

Going Bare Music.©️

Check out the audio video for H.A.F. by @goodxj on his YouTube page! 💎

3PEACE  デニム雑貨と洋服のお店 (@3peace0706) Instagram Profile Photo

3PEACE デニム雑貨と洋服のお店

3PEACE デニム雑貨と洋服のお店

こんにちは☺️ . インディゴで染めたデニムコットンニット帽子再入荷致しております🎵 . 使うたびよい風合いがでてきます🎶 . コットン100%なのでチクチクせずオールシーズン色々なコーディネートで楽しんでいただけます🎶 本日は、16時までopen致しております🍀 . 明日21水曜日22木曜日はお休みです🙇 . 宜しくお願い致します☺️ . #indigo 😊

Mike Heebz 😀Giving Out Smiles😃 (@mikeheebz) Instagram Profile Photo

Mike Heebz 😀Giving Out Smiles😃

H.A.F. by @goodxj check out his YouTube page for the hidden gems! 💎

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