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East Indian Memory Co.

As @nicole_annika_ mentioned, one of Vile Parle’s monikers was indeed the Vegetable Queen of the Suburbs - thanks to the efforts of the agrarian EIs who cultivated the vast tracts of land and forests that existed then. The names of the East Indian villagers who bequeathed their fields and orchards for the St Francis Xavier Church (1930) are remembered in marble within the building. In direct contrast to the church’s nod to its generous parishioners is the lack of any mention of the EI landholders who lost their lands to the construction of the Mumbai international airport. #indigenouspeople

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East Indian Memory Co.

A Catholic Church that was built in 1850 in the area identified the hamlets of Bhandarwar, Panchikalshie Pakhadi, Soum-terwar/Sutarwar and Pond as coming together to form the parish of Padle, previously known as Parlem by the Portuguese in the early 16th Century. Today, this part of Mumbai is more commonly known by the name Vile Parle, and is home to many communities along with the East Indians - one of the first people to till these lands. #indigenouspeople

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East Indian Memory Co.

In yesterday’s Instagram Stories I asked, “In the old days, what was the suburb that we now know as Vile Parle called?” Parlem, Parla, Irle, Idlai Padlai, Irla, Irle Padle, Vidlai Padlai, etc. were some of the answers I recieved, with one reader also mentioning the comparatively recent Vileshwar and Parleshwar temples in the area. Appreciate your responses for August’s EIMC Quiz, @viera_fusionwear, @saloni_nelson_carvalho, @lostsoul10194, @stephndsz, @machado.geoffrey, @aaronpereira2, @monica.kinny, @pratima_15, @terru_da, @if_you_steal_my_sunshine, @dari.boii, @amritaa1363, @_kin_rodrigues_, @sandeep.jagannathji, @chrisposwaity, @nicole_annika_, @fukatness, @oh_carol_09, @dida_can, @anselm_dsouza, @renisa_sirvel and @vandanatr9 For more on ye olde Vile Parle, have a read of the next post. #indigenouspeople

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Tiffany Wallace

@survivalinternational ・・・ “They’re killing us with pen and paper.” President Bolsonaro has “declared war” on Brazil’s indigenous peoples. Activist Celia Xakriabá @celia.xakriaba shares a message of defiance, anger and hope – denouncing the “legislated genocide” they are fighting against. 🏹🇧🇷⚖️ You can help . Sign the global petition (link in bio) to say enough is enough ✋ . . . . . people

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Minority Rights Group

Pattani, Thailand

Climate action protests are igniting in every country across the planet, and Thailand is no exception. ⠀ .⠀ Playing a key role in the fight against the construction of coal-fired power plants, the small Muslim minority village of Thepa in Pattani Bay, have been struggling in the face of relentless failed assimilationist and centralizing policies of the Thai government for decades. ⠀ .⠀ With plans to build a coal-fired power plant and nearby deep sea port in Thepa, the local community immediately felt concerned as more than 200 families were set to be evicted with no clear plans for relocation or restitution, while mosques, Islamic schools, graveyards, houses and agricultural land were also located within the proposed area.⠀ .⠀ Non-violent protests have been ongoing since the plan was proposed in 2014, with multiple arrests made by the junta government, and tensions continuing to escalate. However, efforts by the Thepa community have encouraged nationwide climate action amongst the whole of the Thai population, with mass demonstrations taking place in Bangkok in September 2018 (as pictured in the third image). ⠀ .⠀ Read the full report via the link in our bio. ⠀ .⠀ #indigenouspeople ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Photos by 350 .org

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Mere’s Adventures

Nā Pali Coast State Park

Our boat tour of the Nāpali Coast was filled with factoids and ooooh-and-aaahh moments. My brain has jumbled some of the information and definitely forgotten names, but after a little digging, I believe I found the name of this waterfall: Pohakanoa Falls, meaning “flowering house” (according to google translate). Our guide explained that this fall was likely a vital water source for the natives when traveling by sea along the coast. During calm seas, rafts and canoes could pull into the cave “loop” ( ancient drive-thru??) and easily gather water from the split falls. It is believed that they’d use their oars to divert the water for collection. While we sat in the safety of our high speed catamaran, it was incredible to think of the people living off of the land, making their way along the coast in summer waters where waves still crashed against the basalt rocks, and trekking along the ancient Kalalau trail in the winter, when waters were too treacherous. 🤙🌊🛶 . . . #indigenouspeople

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