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feriana zhuo ^^


. . Day 6 of is favorite peak pose and i love doing splits ❤ . . First, we got together to celebrate the birthday of our 2 hosts, Nora (19th Aug) and Sara (21st Aug)! But we thought that we could not only celebrate both birthdays, but we can also celebrate EACH ONE OF US AND YOU! . We are often caught up on our busy lives full of stress and anxiety and we forget to slow down and think about our true desires and to love ourselves. . So join us from 19-25 to celebrate YOU! It’s time to reconnect with your TRUE SELF and find your authentic OM! . For this challenge each day a host has chosen their favorite asana along with a prep pose for you to choose between, or do your own variation! . So let’s come to the mat together and celebrate all that we are with our favorite asanas! Let’s open our hearts to what we love the most. ALL levels are welcome. ______ Hosts: @sarahuactive @norayogini @yogialxx @cassandra_mccoy @chandrayoga.cardiff . Generous sponsors: @vayumudra (‘VAYU15’ for 15% discount) @yourbondhu (‘Bondhu Yogis’ for 20%) @arcfitnessproject @om_matters @trueformuk (‘YOGI15’ for 15%) @rollgahealth . Poses line up: 🧁1️⃣ Nora’s favorite b-day pose: bridge / wheel variation 🧁2️⃣ Alex’s fave: headstand II / I 🧁3️⃣ Sara’s favorite b-day pose: Pigeon Variation / King Pigeon 🧁4️⃣ Brenda’s fave : Dolphin/ Forearm Stand 🧁5️⃣ Cassandra’s fave: Camel / Kapotasana 🧁6️⃣ Your favorite peak pose! 7️⃣ Your favorite restorative pose . . @igyogachallenge @challengethyyoga @quantumyoga @loveyoga4life @myyogachallenges @yogachallenge #igyogafam

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Marcela Viola

Trust Yoga

Taking a little break from deep backbends todays ‘cos lower back is a bit sore 😅. But not taking a break from the practice ☝🏼. I’m getting to love this posture more a more. I learned it during the Yoga Twist class with @rajchauhan4835 but I didn’t catch the name of the pose so I shall call you “The pretzeled Flamingo “ 🧐🥨. Swipe left for the video and Happy bending!

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