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THIS TIME NEXT WEEK ILL BE ON A PLANE TO THAILAND GETTING MY UTERUS READY FOR ITS EVICTION 🙌🙌 I’m beyond excited, it’s a understatement really. I’m fucken tired, nauseas and feel like crap but the excitement for surgery is real. I havnt posted a lot as I don’t want to take away from the real point of this page - for the hysterectomy. I’ll have stories highlighted from where and why I picked the hospital, the breakdown of costs for my surgery. To whatever photos I can get my hands on during the surgery, my incisions, to how I heal, feel and whatever else I can think of that may be of importance. So standby, with my passport in hand - IM SO READY 😁 #hysterectomy

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Shauna Stewart Douglas

This photo is from a couple weekends ago, standing with friends in wine country, my home. 🍷 My husband took the photo 📸 My body still feels weird, post-op. I am a little slower, my torso isn't the same, my expectations of myself aren't the same. Almost 4 months post-hysterectomy and at times I still feel like I was handed someone else's body. I am grateful... mostly. Sometimes, if I'm honest, I'm resentful of the scar and the unflattering redesign of my belly. But mostly I'm grateful. I don't have worries of disease plaguing me. I don't have impending surgery worrying me. The world is my oyster. And that is fucking awesome. When I start to sink into bemoaning, "Damn, I wish I looked hot in a bathing suit..." 👙 it doesn't take too much time to joyously slip into, "I'm not afraid to talk to anyone anymore. I am as close to fearless as I have ever been...!" and I feel relief and free again. The ego does all kinds of crazy things in an attempt to keep us small and, by extension, safe. Insecurity is an attempt to stay safe. Fear is an attempt to stay safe. Focusing on irrelevant things like whether or not there is a scar on your stomach or not is an attempt to distract and stay safe. Fuck safe. There are no sabertoothed tigers out there waiting to take us out. Life is an opportunity to satiate the curious and celebrate generosity... I can do that in any body, no matter how it has been carved, and I plan to take kind care of this one ❤

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Life’s a bitch Then you die Fuck this shit.... Let’s get hughhhhhhhhh ✨✨✨✨🌈🌈🌈🌈 School tomorrow. Up sat 6:30am!!! Holy moly!!! I will finish my degree this time stroke, heart attack, ant kind of chronic illness disaster. I will do it. PS... if anyone wants to send me money for classes for school I be so eternally grateful. I have vision insurance but it’s still like $100. That I don’t have and dont know how to get through school without then. Donations are seriously welcome and soo much appreciated. Pss the weed and stuff was free. I don’t have money for that! #hysterectomy

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The Spoon Project

Being asymptomatic is a bitchy side effect of having a PI. Having surgery can thrown things out of whack the best of times but this is double whammy infection. I thought this crap was over. #hysterectomy

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Jessica De La Garza

What a night! I’m glad I can truly recover now. This show was one for the books. If you didn’t make it last night, you missed out! But you have another opportunity to come on 9/21! Thank you to everyone who helps me behind the scenes @ms.monaluvbatman @bebecomedyqueen @filthyphilkemp. Last night wouldn’t have happened without all of you. Thank you to @white_eyes_ for helping as well. Thankful for @epilepsysocietykc, @applecoreproject & @latina_leaders_of_kern_county for coming out this evening! #hysterectomy Venue: @back_door_bar_ Production: @dlgcomedy

Look at this precious face. I love my great nephew so much.

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