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Brandon Ward

Just a little bit of brazing in the tight spots. tech

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Found this on my phone, taken my last day as a residential technician. tech

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Just.Cool.Aircon- Bahamas

Some days we wear our uniforms.. if it's a client definitely, if it's a family member we're going to be as comfortable as possible.. We're Headed towards the roof or what I call the frying pan to change a Condenser for an apartment on the 5th floor..💯💯💯 I REALLY ENJOY WORKING WITH MY OLDER BROTHER AND JOINING IN HIS TRADE.. HE'S SUCH A COOL DUDE💯🙏👊 . Just_Cool_Air 445-2355 Bahamas🇧🇸 Commercial & Domestic air conditioning specialists. ( hvac contractors) THE REAL DEAL !!! we do it from the ground up💨 👆. . 💠 Ground breaking, Trenching, Construction 🚧 work done before we install systems For a new home 🏡 HVAC CONTRACTORS💨❄️ ❄️ JUST_COOL_AIR 1-242-445-2355 . Let the professional keep you cool.. 🌬️ Beat the heat this summer by calling Just Cool Air-conditioning, you can Get your A/C Gassed Up, Or if your building a new home we specialize in the installation of your A/C System from the ground up. We install Central Air split systems, mini ductless Split systems and more.. At "Just Cool Air-conditioning" we do on call maintenance or ones made by appointment, and we repair all A/C systems. We clean and repair ducts, and we also do thermostat collaboration and Re-wiring , Go ahead give us a call and let us keep you "Just Cool " !! I promise that's what we do best leaving customers totally satisfied ... AND WE TRAVEL TO ALL FAMILY ISLANDS !! The numbers are 242-445-2355 & 242-423-1460 located pinewood Gardens Mahogany Street "JUST COOL AIR-CONDITIONING TECHNICIANS" . &cooling tech

Just.Cool.Aircon- Bahamas (@just_cool_air) Instagram Profile Photo

Just.Cool.Aircon- Bahamas

THIS WAS A NEW INSTALLATION AT MY AUNTS HOUSE... 12,000BTU 16seer ComfortStar ✍️ Maintenance Tips for Ductless Air Conditioners 1- Keep the Outside Clean. One of these easiest things you can do to keep your system in the best shape is making sure that it is free from dust and debris.... 2.Give it Some Space... 3.Turn the System Off.. 4.Remove the Filters for cleaning.. 5.Clean the Coil and Condenser.. 6.Clean the Pipes / blowout drain.. 7.Check for Ice or Snow. ... 8.Call the Professional @ 1-242-445-2355☎️ or 1-242-423-1460☎️ . &cooling tech

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