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BeekoKat (@beekokat) Instagram Profile Photo


Fred cut the turnip last night. Right now it's coming to room temperature. He's in the woods, last few days of rifle season here in Maine #hunterwidow

The daughter who made me a mom 6 years ago tomorrow. Capri-Ann is so her mama worlds but daddy's girl. I am excited get to go to her school drop off cupcakes but bummed we can't spend the evening together. But made her birthday special. . . . #hunterwidow

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Mondo! Wine Bar & Retail

Mondo Wine Bar & Retail

Hunter Widow’s Saturday night special: come down from 5-10 tonight for specially selected flights. Choose sweet, white, rose, or our International Reds flight tonight only. #hunterwidow

Mixing it up and headed out this Friday morning for my typical Gotta adjust when the hubs goes away 😉 I still needed my clear-and-empty-my-head time and what better way than with a little fresh snow ❄️ #hunterwidow

Savannah Richards|Glamour Savi (@glamoursavi) Instagram Profile Photo

Savannah Richards|Glamour Savi

When your love is deeper than hunting season 🦌 Happy Hunting! 🎯 I am looking forward to seeing my husband again, when season is over! Are you a hunters widow? widow

A huge shout out to my hunter!🦌He finally got a bull, not as big as he wanted but bigger than a couple years ago. Going out all by himself in the frigid cold mind you! freezing his **lls off. 😨❄️🌨 I’m super excited to finally fill our freezer up again with lots of elk yummy!!😋🥩 Proud of you, babe! #hunterwidow

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Red Oak Massage

Do I need to say more?! This special says it all! To all my ladies and men that don't hunt, while the hunters are out in the 💧cold damp weather❄, come in and enjoy a warm soothing massage! This special will run until November 20th! And to my hunters out there.... I haven't forgotten you! Bring in a picture of your 🦌buck and get a percentage off any massage based on your buck's antlers! #hunterwidow

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