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Not the best pic, but I wanted to share where this guys at... gotta love a flea bitten face! Enjoying the textures that are coming through with this one ... do you like him?? . . . . . #horseart

Anne Stratford-Buggys_Art (@buggy613) Instagram Profile Photo

Anne Stratford-Buggys_Art


Rhianne Weghnnar (@rhianneweghnnar) Instagram Profile Photo

Rhianne Weghnnar

Apparently it’s National Radio Day ❀️ I love listening to the radio πŸ“» especially talk radio, while drinking tea, and the cat (and baby) naps. ❀️ . . . . art

Shannan Julson (@talkingdogart) Instagram Profile Photo

Shannan Julson

Green horse word find. Best in show amateur. #horseart

Art trade with @pompxii of her gem pon gal πŸ’Ž β€˜ β€˜ Gonna be honest here I spent way to long on it πŸ˜…, the shading isn’t my bets but I’m still ok with it (Just realized I forgot it the mane shine :’’)) β€˜ β€˜ β€˜ β€˜ Device: Surface pro 4 Program: Medibang β€˜ β€˜ β€˜ ❗️Do not trace, reference, or repost without permission ❗️ β€˜ β€˜ β€˜ β€˜ β€˜ Tags: art

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chris reecer

Fort Worth, Texas

WIP another blue cowboy almost ready to ride off into the sunset. #horseart

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