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Tandy... clearly superior #homecomputer

TIMBRAL: Synthwave & Retrotech (@timbral_) Instagram Profile Photo

TIMBRAL: Synthwave & Retrotech

Texas Instruments

B Y T E S 4 B R E A K F A S T (TI-99/4A, 1981). ”Texas Instrument’s Home Computer. A true family computer – one that can grow with you”. . #homecomputer

Serge Fraiture (@_yauckt) Instagram Profile Photo

Serge Fraiture

I had no clue marketed that kind of things back in the glorious #homecomputer era. joysticks were thousand times better.

alexas (@413x45) Instagram Profile Photo


This place is wonderful... 😍

Manco Pous (@malfark) Instagram Profile Photo

Manco Pous

Glenfair Boulevard

Discovered in the back of one of my cupboards in Pretoria. MS-DOS 3.10 ran on my fantastic Olivetti M24 back in 1984. Exciting times at the beginning of the desktop computer era. Photographed in Snor City, Gauteng, South Africa on Saturday, August 17, 2019. . #homecomputer

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