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Titah Maritza Noe (@maritza.shafa) Instagram Profile Photo

Titah Maritza Noe

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Home Comfort USA

Have a blessed Sunday, from the Home Comfort USA team ❤️

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Northstar PHAC Inc.

NORTHSTAR CARES ⭐ . . . Schedule your service today by visiting us at or by calling us at (866) 744-6192 . . . #heating

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SoCal Climate Control

Encino, California

We install smart thermostats that best fit your needs! Nest, Ecobee, and more! Give us a call to learn more 833-692-5462 or click the link in our bio 👍⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #heating

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Island Comfort Kaua’i

Island Comfort Air Conditioning

In all our days, we praise you Lord 🙏❤️

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Island Comfort O’ahu

Island Comfort Air Conditioning Oahu

In all our days, we praise you Lord 🙏❤️

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RS Gas Solutions

Fethiye Çalış

Little bit of the different Plumbing💦 and Gas⛽️ from abroad when I was on holiday in 🇹🇷 ..... the majority of pipework used out there was either barrel or a glued plastic (similar to a polyorc from the 70s) hardly any copper pipework ( they also love a flexi 〰️😂) ... the first two pictures is how the domestic hot water services work over there, seems to be a cold water storage cistern that is heated up by solar this was the set up everywhere from houses 🏡 to hotels 🏨 ..... I also went in and had a look at the pool pump room which fed the swimming pool 🏊‍♂️ where I was staying (middle few pics/videos) ..... where I normally stay is on the south coast (closest part to Rhodes (Greek island 🇬🇷) so there is no “natural gas” piped supplies everything is run off of cylinders which can be bought or topped up in shops on the high street (No Gas Safety regs over there ❌😂) .... interesting to see how they do things in other countries 🔧⚠️ #heating

#heating system for at the add building there developing at .... . . . . 'm back at it, radiography company I worked for had many problems internally in there office and were having much turnover and didn't have work for me the past two weeks, even though I'm setback financially, I've found a great plumbing company to work for as a result which was the main reason why I was willing to tey something different for awhile. It was good money but it was also the most menial and monotonous job I've ever accepted. And didn't enjoy it in the slightest. I learned alot about radiation, but I'm ecstatic to be plumbing again. Especially with a good company. I'm not the type to not apply myself to what I'm creating. I have to be constantly stimulated and learning or I lose my motivation. Everything worked out for the best as an end result, just had to be patient and temperant. Don't plateu and suppress your creativity even if it pays well to so. Do what makes you the happiest, it will probably require alot of sacrifice but will pay off the most.

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