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Coach K🏋🏻‍♀️Health•Fitness♥️🌍 (@healthyfit_royalties) Instagram Profile Photo

Coach K🏋🏻‍♀️Health•Fitness♥️🌍

★彡 John Thomas 彡★ 🇦🇪 Dubai (@blogliterati) Instagram Profile Photo

★彡 John Thomas 彡★ 🇦🇪 Dubai

Dr. Nazneen (@naz_en_dente) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Nazneen

Tony Health and Fitness Coach (@healthyselfuk) Instagram Profile Photo

Tony Health and Fitness Coach

Angie & Erin📷 (@angelafischerphoto) Instagram Profile Photo

Angie & Erin📷

The True Table (@thetruetable) Instagram Profile Photo

The True Table

εïз HealthyLifestyle εïз (@feriel_nasser) Instagram Profile Photo

εïз HealthyLifestyle εïз

Mary-Jane 💋💗 (@mjm75_x) Instagram Profile Photo

Mary-Jane 💋💗

Fitness & Health (@almasund) Instagram Profile Photo

Fitness & Health

Roast requested by my girls, I actually enjoyed it more then ever because it had @primula_cheese jalapeño flavour on my cauliflower #healthyeating @aldiuk lean pork fillet @frylighthq

Charlotte Lowe (@sw_charlotte_xx) Instagram Profile Photo

Charlotte Lowe

Tea tonight was Slow cooker gammon topped with a fried runny egg😍 Served with Mash mixed with an egg and Mixed Vegetables! Perfect Syn free tea💁🏻‍♀️ Then Syns for bedtime is Crispy Fries (3.5) White chocolate fingers (1.5 each so 6) Pick up (2.5) and a big bowl of speedy fruit!😋 Finishing today on 14.5 Syns🙅🏻‍♀️ #healthyeating

Sanne Wilmsen (@sannew21) Instagram Profile Photo

Sanne Wilmsen

Giesbeek, Gelderland, Netherlands

Today was my last race in preparation of next week's Ironman70.3 in Vichy. Unfortunately the water was polluted so the triathlon was changed to a run bike run event (5/24/2.5), I finished (unofficial time) in 1h31min, it was not bad, only the cycling part has to be improved. Now an extra swim training tomorrow and afterwards having rest days until the saturday, I am already nervous😳 #healthyeating

Credit to from @sagliklisecimler (@get_regrann) - 🌟FIT MUSAKKA🌟 💬 Ne desem, nasıl tarif etsem bilmiyorum. Ama şu ara yediğim açık ara en iyi tarif. Müthiş lezzetli deneyen herkes bayıldı. Ailecek favori tarifimiz♥️ ✨Malzemeler✨ 🔸4 orta boy patates 🔸6 adet patlıcan 🔸4 yemek kaşığı zeytinyağı 🔸Tuz, karabiber, sarımsak tozu @naturelkapowders 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 Patatesler ve patlıcanlar dilim dilim doğrandıktan sonra yağlanıp baharatlanır. Önceden ısıtılmış fırının ızgara ayarında pişirilir. 🍽🍽🍽 🔹Kıymalı harç; 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 🔸300 gram kıyma 🔸1 adet soğan 🔸2 adet sivri biber 🔸2 yemek kaşığı yağ 🔸Tuz, karabiber 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 Patates ve patlıcanlar fırındayken kıymalı harç hazırlanır. Küçük küçük doğranmış soğan yağda biraz kavrulduktan sonra kıyma ve sivri biber ile tekrar kavrulur. Baharatlar en son eklenir. 🍽🍽 👉🏼👉🏼 🔹Beşamel sos; 🔸500 ml süt 🔸50 gram tam buğday unu/ yulaf unu (2 dolu yemek kaşığı) 🔸2 yemek kaşığı zeytinyağı 🔸1/2 çay kaşığı muskat 🔸Biraz tuz 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼Aynı zamanda ayrı bir tencerede de beşamel sos hazırlanır. Tam buğday unu ile zeytinyağı biraz kavrulduktan sonra süt eklenir, en son da tuz ve muskat ilave edilir. Muhallebi kıvamı olacak şekilde pişirilir. 🔹Üzeri için rendelenmiş dil peyniri 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 Fırın kabının en alt kısmına pişmiş patatesler dizilir. Bir üst katına pişmiş patlıcanlar sıralanır sonra da üzerine kıymalı harç dökülür. Bu sıra ile bir kat patates bir kat patlıcan şeklinde bitinceye kadar dizilir. En son üzerine beşamel sos dökülür. Onunda üzerine rendeleniş dil peyniri serpiştirilir. Önceden ısıtılmış fırında 180 derecede 10 dakika kadar pişirilir. Afiyet olsun. 👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳 . . / eating

Dinner tonight for us all was slow cooker chilli tacos 🌮 Ingredients: 500g extra lean or quorn mince 200g red kidney beans 1 onion finely diced 1 clove of garlic crushed 200g tomato soup 1 tbsp smoked paprika 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp mild chilli powder 1/2 preferably low salt beef stock cube 100ml boiling water Method: 1. Brown off mince in frying pan without any oil 2. Put mince into slow cooker on low whilst you prepare the rest of the ingredients. 3. Put remaining ingredients into slow cooker and stir well 4. Cook either on low for 4/5 hours or high for 2/3 checking meat is tender 5. Serve with either taco shells or tortillas alongside cheese/soured cream/guacamole 😊

Luke Williams (GymHippie) (@gymhippie) Instagram Profile Photo

Luke Williams (GymHippie)

Reading, England

Euuugh! If you drink your protein shakes out of shakers then you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about 😂😂 - On a serious note, protein powders are a fantastically CONVENIENT & CHEAP way of boosting our daily protein intake. Yes, in an ideal world, we’d attain all our protein from real food … but the pace of modern life means this isn’t always practical! - As we know, when it comes to fat loss, the power of protein CANNOT be underestimated 🙌 - 1️⃣ Protein helps us RETAIN MUSCLE when we're in a calorie deficit - 2️⃣ Protein helps us MANAGE HUNGER LEVELS by keeping us fuller for longer - 3️⃣ Protein FUELS REPAIR & RECOVERY after strength training - 4️⃣ DIGESTING PROTEIN BURNS CALORIES - more so than carbs & fats - Here are 4 easy ways to get more of it ➡️ (scroll left!) - Keen to learn more about how nutrition can support your fitness goals? - My 12-Week Re-Shaping Adventures will put you firmly in the fast lane, taking you on a custom-tailored & results-driven journey towards fat-loss and body-shaping success 🙏 - Curious to learn more? Ping me a message and let’s have a chat 😀 I’d love to hear from you - Stay awesome & keep going ✌️ . . . . . .            yeating       

Orchard Smoothie and Café (@orchardsmoothieandcafe) Instagram Profile Photo

Orchard Smoothie and Café

Orchard Smoothies & Café open today 10am till 6pm today 🍏🍐🍌🍍🥗🌯🥞 • • Smoothies | Fruit Salad | Salads | Sandwiches | & Soups | Coffee ☕️ ‘any size’ $1 | Herbal Tea 🍵 and fresh served Daily! • • Vegan Menu available❗️ • • 1200 S. 15th Street section | Open 7 Days a week [Hours in Bio] • • 🚙💨available . 🚙💨😋 • • eating 🍎🍓🍇

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