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Marlene Kellermann 🔝

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Johanna Thomas @johannacthomas

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Marilyn Castro

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Ankh Rah

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Monika Lewczuk

Spinach and romaine salad with chia seeds, nuts, hemp and flax oats, chicken, cranberry, parmesan, and Cesar dressing, with a side of blue corn chips. Soooo good! 😋 #healthy

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Amy Stambaugh Wells

I wasn’t able to weigh in last week because I was out of town. But I am over the moon with this weeks weigh in, even if it is from two weeks of work. I always pull tiny numbers, like less 1, so this is huge for me and very encouraging. 💃🏻 . . . Interested in joining WW?! Send me a DM and I’ll answer any questions and share a link for a FREE month!!! I make my journey public to try to help and encourage others. . . #healthy @ww

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Freedom Fitness

Freedom Fitness-Personal Training Studio

Here are a few common mistakes people tend to make when they’re first starting their flexible dieting journey. 🤔 . ✅1. Guesstimating calorie dense foods. First off, if you’re just starting to track macros you shouldn’t be guesstimating anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. Since most people have no clue what an actual serving size looks like, tracking as much as you can, ESPECIALLY CALORIE DENSE FOODS, is crucial. . ✅2. Not tracking liquid calories. Alcohol has calories. Salad dressings have calories. Condiments have calories. All of these calories can add up quickly and put you over your calories for the day. . ✅3. Eating back the calories your fitness tracker said you burned. Don’t do this. Seriously. For one, studies have shown calorie trackers to be up to 50% inaccurate. For two, if you’ve had a coach/trainer figure your macros out for you they should have equated your “workout calories” in with your calorie count. I did this when I first started tracking macros and I didn’t lose fat for over a month because of it. . 🏋🏽‍♀️So, make sure you’re keeping these three things in check and you should be pretty good to go with flexible dieting. . 👇🏽Tag a friend who has started tracking macros! . 🤗Happy Saturday fam!!! . . y

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