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Louise FitzGerald (@lulu_fitzg) Instagram Profile Photo

Louise FitzGerald

Pestera, Brasov, Romania

I can’t get enough of these magnificent shaggy haystacks. It took all my grown up restraint not to throw myself into them in a big haystack hug and clamber up the wobbly ladder. Wander the Transylvanian countryside and it won’t be long before you meet one of these iconic happy Haystacks. In August the air is thick with the sweet scent of freshly mowed meadows (mostly done by back breaking scythe work). Once dry the grass is then skilfully built into enormous haystacks which can stand well over 4 metres. Built on a foundation of branches and wrapped around a central pole, the farmer will throw the hay up to his wife who is perched on top. she meticulously arranges and combs the stack like a nest, often crowning the top with a simple wreath. Finally, the outside is then raked to form a thatched shell, protective but breathable, lasting around 3-4 years. A mesmerising process to watch, like a Transylvanian lava lamp. #haystack

These rice crispy ‘haystacks’ are a great idea for the food table! And displayed so cutely in this bucket with check napkins! Found this idea @dancinginourkitchen #haystack

Максим Десятков | gallery | (@maxim_desyatkov_gallery_) Instagram Profile Photo

Максим Десятков | gallery |

Svobodnyy, Sverdlovskaya Oblast', Russia

У каждого человека есть желания, которые он не сообщает другим, и желания, в которых он не сознается даже себе самому. "Зигмунд Фрейд" . . #haystack

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

I N D I G O ♡ day 6 at @haystack_school with @botanicalcolors working with all natural indigo in a henna + fructose vats. making vats start to finish, sharing + learning resist techniques + building beautiful new hues with over dyeing - I’m definitely still indiglo-ing after the first days in the vats I will be forever humbled by this plant ally of indigo + all it has bloomed in my life - forever humbled, forever thankful, forever in awe #haystack

💎BLESSED💎 (@lexis_poth) Instagram Profile Photo


I got Bruises in my Spirit, Dents in my Chin. And I’m never letting anybody get me again💯 #Haystack

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