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Saqib Saiyed (@technosaqib) Instagram Profile Photo

Saqib Saiyed

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Farah Jouffroy

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Cyber Safe Page

Apple, Google, and Mozilla block Kazakhstan's Internet surveillance Apple, Google, and Mozilla have decided to ban a root certificate which the Kazakhstan government has been using in the last month to spy on its citizens' web traffic. Now Chrome, Firefox, and Safari will show errors if the HTTPS web traffic is encrypted with the Kazakh government's root or leaf certificates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ­čöÉ┬áRead┬áMore :┬á ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #hacking

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Open bioLab Graz Austria

banner recursion happened :-D kind of a "hand-inception" here, guys? #hacking

What a beautiful morning! Our Archipelago: Map(s) of the Moving World event begins now in the amazing V├Ąre Building in Aalto University, Otaniemi, Espoo. @aaltoarts #hacking

­čĆÁ´ŞĆIf want to be a great programmer, you need to improve your ability of asking questions..@vincent_hacker4. ­čÜĘThe ability to Google stuff and look for answers confidently is one of the most important skills to develop... The key is ­čî║­čî║ Be specific ­čĺ╗Put the language or framework you're using at the beginning of the search text ­čĺ╗Use keywords relating to specific problem faced, avoid being vague like "not working" ­čĺ╗ Error messages? Error code, include It ­čĺ╗ include OS and version if necessary

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