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Rep. Jordan A. Harris (@jordanaharris) Instagram Profile Photo

Rep. Jordan A. Harris

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Weston Road

A Drive-By Shooting On Weston Rd Near Jane Leaves Man Dead. Victim Was In This Jeep SUV When Another Vehicle Pulled Alongside & Gunman Opened Fire. SUV Went Off Road/Crashed Into Tree. You Can See Bullet Holes In Doors/Windows. Driver-Shot Multiple Times, Later Died In hospital.. 📺 Follow 🇨🇦 . . #GunViolence

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FifthElement Doc

Will hip hop speak out against gun violence? Will stop playing songs with lyrics promoting violence to the youth? ("Take 20K and put that on your head.. And make one of your partners come kill you" DaBaby) At the end of the day the stereotypes in the music can play apart in how society view black men and how black men view themselves. Why corporations don't hold the accountable for what they play on the radio? Because corporations don't care about #gunviolence in the  

Helps me get used to the feeling of putting a gun into my mouth and pulling the trigger. Imma need more than 30 watts when I blow my brains out though violence

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Jessica Throop

Took a few minutes to just stand still and try to breathe in this spot tonight. . Because today a bullet came through the window of my precious 2 year old little boy’s classroom. While he was in it. . Nobody was harmed. Police are investigating. It was and is terrifying. Seven hours later and I still don’t think I can breathe. . I tucked my little ones safely into bed tonight but there are parents all over this country grieving because their babies were taken from them by gun violence. . Please take 5 minutes out of your day tomorrow to contact your legislators and push them to support sensible gun reform. Please.

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