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Souvlaki Greek Cuisine (@souvlakigreekcuisine) Instagram Profile Photo

Souvlaki Greek Cuisine

Souvlaki Greek Cuisine

Our zucchini balls are fried to golden perfection and seasoned with the finest Greek 🇬🇷 spices and herbs 🌱. Try it on your next visit along with our cucumber tomato salad 🥗 and your favorite Greek sauce. 😋

Diana Stamatelatos Theocharis (@on_xenia_street) Instagram Profile Photo

Diana Stamatelatos Theocharis

In Kefalonia, Greece, we refer to this food as “riganada”. “Rigani” is the Greek word for oregano, which is one of star flavors of this food. In Crete they make a similar dish called “dakos”. It’s truly the perfect poor mans dish, made with stale bread that you dampen with some water. Top it with fresh tomatoes, including squeezing some of the tomato juices onto the rusk. Grate some garlic, sea salt & pepper. Feta cheese, olive oil & a splash of red wine vinegar. Top it all of with a generous sprinkle of Greek dry oregano. It is one of my absolute favorite peasant foods! I broke the dry keto rusks up into smaller pieces for a salad. I toasted & dehydrated some keto biscuits I had made. Below is the link to the rolls I had made. But you can use any recipe you like. If you choose to dehydrate them, cut them in half & place them in an oven at 280 F for anywhere from 2-3 hours. You will know when they are done, when the centers are not squishy. Then I just leave them in the oven and allow the rusks & oven to cool down together. #greekcuisine

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Bday brunch of fresh fried rubber bands....... #greekcuisine

Sona Arakelyan (@sonaro_777) Instagram Profile Photo

Sona Arakelyan

Grilled long green pepper stuffed with feta cheese, watermelon and traditional wine-soaked cheese (specialty of some parts of the Dodecanese islands).

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