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EMERGENCY!! LINK IN BIO •••• The Old Profanity Territory pack has been completely annihilated in Eastern Washington. All members of the pack were killed, including four month old .  A court hearing was scheduled for 9:30 am Friday, August 26 where the judge ruled to halt the killings… but early that morning, the last four wolves were killed. WDFW purposefully scheduled the shootings for before the hearing. Diamond  M Ranch, owned by the McIrvin family, was responsible for the claims that led to these actions; they’re responsible for 87% of killings. According to reports, the McIrvins purposefully brought their cattle into the pack’s den area, instigating the aggression and prompting the lethal removal. WA law requires that before lethal action of wolves is taken,  ranchers must prove they have taken nonlethal protections. The McIrvins hired range riders, but made them leave the ranch July 8; 9/14 of the livestock attacks by the OPT pack occurred after. The OPT territory is completely within Colville National Forest, but livestock are allowed to graze in this thick wolf habitat. * * The Togo pack nearby is still in danger, with another kill order on their backs. Please tell WDFW that you disapprove of their actions in lethal removal. Go to to sign a petition to halt the slaughter.  WA is usually very good with wolf , but these killings are unnecessary. The McIrvins were responsible for the killing of the Profanity Peak pack of the same area years ago, showing that killing wolves doesn’t help livestock. * * #graywolves

As many of you know, I do research on #graywolves, statistical analysis of over 20 different variables to try to figure out the best predictors of livestock predations by . Although most scientists don’t give constant updates on their research, I think it’s very important to publicly show the process: the ups, the downs, the choices, the conclusions as I go. Using data from Fish and Wildlife, BLM, DNR, etc. I created the largest data set on gray wolves in the lower 48. I’ve been making it since last December and I’m *almost* done- all that’s missing are some BLM variables. I use a stats program called R to make models to test variables for both sheep and cattle predation. You can find an in-depth look at my work so far. Please keep in mind this is a work in progress. These aren’t final results. I don’t need to share my progress, but I do. Despite many people’s opinions, my work is not biased. I work hard to ensure it is not- bias is deadly for conservation. * *

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Rachel Joy Davis

Working on a new piece. Feeling inspired by the wolves, their freedom, their necessity to nature's balance. Eventually 20% of proceeds from the piece will go to the @defendersofwildlife to support their efforts to lobby against the anti-gray wolf protection status in the lower 48 states. . . #graywolves ❤🐺🌏🏞🏔❤

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It’s ! I’m still a novice at (I also dropped my camera in a waterfall river in Tanzania… whoops), but @pounceconservation could not reach as many people or look as great as it does without the beautiful work of several wolf photographers. I wanted to take the time to shout them out, because I appreciate their art as it allows others to get a glimpse of the fascinating and stunning side of wild wolves that many people have never seen before. I spend hours doing research and writing, but it’s photographers who often have the most emotional impact on people. They tell incredible stories, and conservation wouldn’t be possible without them. Please give these talented people a follow and a look at their portfolios. I’m honored to be allowed to use your images to spread the word about wolf and wildlife conservation. You can see highlights of their page in my story for the day. Thank you guys! * * #graywolves

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