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hi guys!! today i didnt do much i just cleaned my room (its v cute) and relaxed a bit, also saw my bf and my friend for a bit which was nice 💖 today i didnt feel as good about myself as i usually do, but everybody has ups and downs so it’s only natural^^ i pushed through it and took some pics to feel better about myself and it was fine in the end, there are just good and bad days for your self esteem every now and then c: anyways, tomorrow im getting my hair dyed (and cut) and im veeryy excited, i really feel like my pink splitdye has had it’s time, it’s time for something new now. even tho imma miss it a fuck ton 🥺 it’s starting to get blonde anyway ;3 very excited to show yall what it’s gonna look like, and i’m curious myself as well lol, im sure it’ll be cute tho

Gotta find all these adorable fucks. . . . . aesthetic

Just a queen slaying... Or rotting from the inside out, but who really cares 🤷🤷🤷 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . aesthetic

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Quebec, Quebec

I wish there were proper alternatives to Instagram. I have many photos containing nudity, partial nudity, or even just “sexual suggestiveness” that would result in the big Instagram computer arbitrarily restricting my account in some way. Oh well, here is another photo of my face with my sinful body properly hidden! ㅤ Eyes: @jeffreestarcosmetics Interstellar blended into X-Files, blended into Martian Soil. ㅤ Lips: @jeffreestarcosmetics Celebrity Skin + @maccosmetics Lipglass ㅤ aesthetic

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