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Libertarian Leftist (@progressive.liberty) Instagram Profile Photo

Libertarian Leftist

It doesn't take being an supporter of ANTIFA to understand how ridiculous of an idea it is to label a MOVEMENT, and in some sense, an ideology, not a centralized organization, as a terrorist organization. It simply gives the state more control and power, making it easier for them to take out those they find as enemies of the state by falsely equating them with a movement like ANTIFA. "Well, you look like you have similar views to them, so you are a domestic terrorist now. America is saved once again."

Matthias Brodowy (@matthias_brodowy) Instagram Profile Photo

Matthias Brodowy

Klavier gut und schön, aber mit meiner Duesenberg fühle ich mich auf der Bühne auch sehr wohl! Danke, Rosalie, für das Foto! #gop

Abdullah Greencard (@abdullahgreencard) Instagram Profile Photo

Abdullah Greencard

First it was Netflix that stopped filming in Georgia because of the Heartbeat bill and their dozen of liberal propaganda series. Next it was Gilette with their anti- so called ‘toxic masculinity’ commercials. We The People hold more power than we think.. it’s time to stop letting these companies push their views on us! - - - - - - #gop

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